Gadgets meet Fashion: Philippine Fashion Week Sony Cybershot Presents Luxe Wear

It’s gadgets meets fashion in this technologically savvy fashionably beautiful world! The Philippine Fashion Week Sony Cybershot Presents Luxe Wear at the SMX Convention Center

One of the perks of being a contributor for When In Manila is having the privilege to get invited to some of the hottest events in town. In my case, I was fortunate enough to attend the Sony Cybershot Luxe Wear Collection show for Philippine Fashion Week 2011 last Friday at the SMX Convention Center.

This was actually my first time to witness a fashion show of this hype. I was never really in to this kind of stuff, so I didn’t know what to expect. I brought along my friend, so I’d have someone to take photos of the event while I jot down my useless notes. We were lucky enough to be seated in the front row. To be surrounded by a flock of beautiful, fashionable and successful women was a delight.

The show started by Sony unveiling two newest models of their Sony T-range cameras, the Sony TX10 and Sony T110. Both snappers, known to be sleek and stylish, were displayed in the middle of the runway, submerged into a fishbowl placed on top of a table. Models appeared from the back, walked their way to the cameras, took them out of the water and started snapping photos at the audience.

I was smiling the whole night because I was seated next to a group of pretty girls, who I assumed were writers, too. The girl next to me was taking down notes using her Blackberry. I actually contemplated on asking her to BBM me what she had written down. But I was on my best behavior for this Philippine Fashion Week set of events.

The Luxe Wear fashion show promoted several designers namely: Benjie Manuel, Delby Bragais, Edwin Uy, Jay Sustiguer, John Guarnes, Julius Tarog, Kat Corpus, Melvin Lachica, Nicky Martinez, Nolie Vineza, Roel Rosal, Ronaldo Arnaldo, Santi Obcena, Simon Ariel Vasquez and Tina Daniac. Of course, I didn’t know any of them. Each of the designers got to showcase their dresses from their Holiday collection. I noticed that the music accompanying the models who walked down the ramp were very essential to what these designers were trying to portray in their clothes. But, you already knew that.

Dresses here and there. I had no idea which ones were pretty and which ones weren’t. The fabric these designers used, I was clueless. All that registered in my head was “WOW! That girl’s gorgeous!”, “Would someone actually wear that?!” and “I can see the nipple tape!” Mean as it may seem, I actually wished someone fell or tripped. TRUE STORY. That would’ve been fun to see.

During the course of the show, I tried to spot a few celebrities in the crowd. The only face familiar to me was Sarah Meier. She looked awesome. She had more swag than all the models combined. I’m sure there were a lot of well-known personalities present at the event, too. I just didn’t know who they were.

Alas, the show came to an end. When we got outside, my friends and I spotted Jimmy Alapag and LJ Moreno. Being the goofs that we were, we had our pictures taken with them. I also saw Cesca Litton (one of my celebrity crushes) outside the function room. Starstruck isn’t the right word, but it’s the first word that comes to mind.

Despite the fact that I knew nothing about the fashion world, this experience was awesome and entertaining. Cheers to the Philippine Fashion Week people. Cheers to When In Manila, for allowing me to do this. Cheers to Sony and their new Cybershot cameras. Cheers to the designers for their great-looking and not so great-looking clothes. And cheers to the drunk dude who was chugging down a champagne bottle and screaming gibberish to the people outside.

Photos by Mhie Soriano

Gadgets meet Fashion: Philippine Fashion Week Sony Cybershot Presents Luxe Wear at the SMX Convention Center


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