Gab Valenciano Opens Up About His Darkest Year, Inspires Fans with Before and After Photos

Gab Valenciano is now making his comeback known.

The celebrity performer took to Instagram to share a throwback photo from 2017, when he was at his lowest, side-by-side with a photo of him now.

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“2017 vs 2019. Just a simple reminder that no matter how lost you are in the dark, you can always find your way back to the light if you choose to do so,” he said in the photo caption. “Only you alone can make that choice. It won’t be easy and you will face challenges where ending it all may seem like the only viable option, but it isn’t and never will be.”

He then gave a few words of inspiration for all those suffering the same thing he did. “Beat it by surrounding yourself with the right people and find an ecosystem where your spirit and soul can flourish. Be aware, be vigilant and be open. You are worth more than you will ever know. If you don’t see it now, others will and in the process you will as well. Your deepest setback will always be defeated by your greatest comeback.”

(Gary Valenciano celebrates one year of recovery since heart surgery)

Gab also shared the before-and-after photo on his Instagram story, claiming that he has been feeling down the past couple of weeks and needed a reminder “of how beautiful life is.”

Gab Valenciano Instagram Story

“Sometimes, we need to understand what hitting rock bottom feels like to value what it’s like to fly above the clouds,” he added.

In his previous Instagram posts, Gab has expressed gratitude to his family and his girlfriend, Joann Santiago, for aiding him on his road to recovery.

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