Gary Valenciano celebrates one year of recovery since heart surgery

After one year since his heart bypass surgery, Gary Valenciano is up on his feet and filled with gratitude for all of those who have helped him on his journey to full recovery.

“I find it very hard to believe that that was a year ago today,” the Kapamilya performer said in a video he posted on Instagram on May 6, 2019.

He shared clips and photos of his time at the hospital while expressing his heartfelt thanks to his family, friends, doctors, and supporters who stayed with him during this difficult time. “I can’t help but thank God for the way he showered his love upon me in the form of my family, my kids, [and] my wife who stood beside me from beginning to end,” he said. “For the greatest team of doctors, most excellent therapists, and the greatest of friends and people like you who prayed for me.”

Valenciano underwent surgery after he suffered a widowmaker heart attack and discovered that his coronary arteries were 95% blocked. He then had to undergo another operation a few months later after doctors found a malignant tumor in his kidney.

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“When you see me in front of any camera or on top of any stage, it’s God’s way of saying your prayers have been answered,” he added. “I’m so excited to share more of what comes from this brand new heart for people like you, but for now let me just say I love you and God bless you and thank you.”

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