FUNNY WATCH: Fil-Ams Be Like…

Pinoys are all over the world. Whether it be for a job overseas with eventual plans to come back to the PH or for permanent migration, it is a very real fact that Filipinos are all over the world. This situation spawned the emergence of the Filipinos growing up in different cultures – and while these Pinoy kids grew up in Pinoy families imbibing Pinoy culture, they were still brought up abroad and thus absorbed the foreign culture as well. This results in a unique mix of culture.

Take the Fil-Ams for example:

Source: @patriciaveeeee

Full text:

Fil-Ams be like.. lmaaao!!! ( Ano pa girl, halika dito right quick, ano pangalan mo anyway, susmaryosep girl you looking good from likod ) bahaha!!

Do you have Fil-Am friends? Are they like this? Let us know in the comments section below and share this with a Fil-Am buddy (I’m sure you know one! :P)

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