Funny Pinoy Tekken Memes Go Viral

After the hullabaloo surrounding the announcement of Filipino character Josie Rizal in the new Tekken 7… Pinoy netizens online have gone wild on brewing up more Filipino characters inspired by actual Pinoys!

So far, their ideas have been… creative, to say the least. Just like these Pinoy Tekken memes created by Melvin Tordecilla!

Check out the hilarious Pinoy Tekken memes that have gone viral below!!

7. Marcos as Marshall Law

Funny Pinoy Meme Marshall Law

Because really, who else deserves to be the King of Iron Fist, but the man with the iron fist himself?

6. Eddie Garcia as Eddie Gordo

Funny Pinoy Meme Eddie Gordo 

We all know Eddie Garcia as one of the meanest Pinoy villains of all time… looks like he can kill with his mean dance moves as well!

5. Kuma…reng Winnie

Funny Pinoy Meme Winnie

She’ll pounce on you with her sharp wit!

4. Hwoarang Anak award goes to… Bagito!

Funny Pinoy Meme Hwoarang Anak

How his actions make him a model son is questionable, but at least he’s got killer taekwondo skills, apparently.

3. Mother Lili Monteverde

Funny Pinoy Meme Mother Lili

Need I say more?

2. Kris Aquino?!

Funny Pinoy Meme Kris

I’m not sure how to feel about this image.

1. Perhaps the strongest of them all…

Funny Pinoy Meme Daniel Padilla

Clever, clever.

Which meme was your favorite?! How do you feel about the Josie Rizal character?


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