FUNNY: Pageant Talent Portion Showcases Unique ‘Frozen’ Performance

When in Manila, pageants are a way to showcase Pinay/Pinoy beauty, intelligence, and talents. And, well, talent can range into a whole lot of things!

One pageant contestant decided to show his unique talent in a school pageant and the results are hilarious. In a carefully choreographed performance, one contestant stood out with his rendition of Frozen’s let it go. Armed with supportive friends and a bunch of bright ideas, number was the most amusing and refreshing pageant performance I’ve watched in a while.

Source: Miss Engineering 

The above clip was part of the talent portion of Magayon: Miss Engineering 2017 for Engineering Week 2017 organized by the UP Diliman Engineering Student Council held at UP Diliman. 

Although he gets props for being funny and inventive, we’re not so sure if he got talent points for the performance.

This was definitely an amusing watch! What do you think? Do you think this person deserves to win the pageant? I vote yes!