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When in Manila, satisfy your fashion juice for vintage at Funky Plum!


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funky plum vintagefunky plum vintage



Funky Plum Vintage is a Specialty Store that is set to take you back to the basics believing that disposable fashion is fleeting… but classic flair is forever!


I visited their sleek and chic boutique store down south of Manila.  It was a nice rainy Sunday, the streets were calm and so I was in the mood to shop and explore the south.


funky plum vintagefunky plum vintage



We were greeted by friendly smiles of the owners and creators of Funky Plum.  They gladly assisted me in browsing through their selection of dresses, bags, shoes and accessories.


I had a chat with them and was very interested to learn that they have a special bond with their customers.  They lavish their clients with a very personalized boutique-type service.  They act as personal shoppers and offer style advice on appropriate outfits for every occasion.


Oh, don’t we all love to dress up?!  Simply putting a little bit of effort in enhancing the way we look gives as a great amout of confidence to boost our day!  Agree or disagree?


and with that thought.. it’s time to put on some clothes and cam-whore!



Hannah Villasis Funky Plum


Hannah villasis funky plumhannah villasis flaircandy funky plumfunky plum hannah villasis


At work, don’t you feel more powerful when you dress-up even on a normal day?  Sometimes I just make an extra effort in dressing up and I would feel “lucky” all day… but the secret there ladies is – I make my own luck 🙂  I make an effort to feel lucky and feel good!


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Wearing green can makes you look fresh and makes your skin bloom!


hannah villasisfunky plum hannah villasishannah villasis



Funky Plum is perfect for every woman who want to reach her full potential regardless of age, shape or size.  They also respect every woman’s individual style making sure not to impose trends that would cramp her personal taste.  I felt that way when they were helping me pick outfits in the store!


A stylish woman is not a slave to trends.  She simply sticks to what trends look best on her.  Classic with a twist is timeless!



funky plumfunky plum



They also have one-of-a-kind designer stock lots with the following brands: Halston, Isabel Marant, Marc Jacobs, Kenneth Cole, Pacino Wan, Dianne Von Furstenberg, Chloe, See by Chloe, Barciano, Marc by Marc Jacobs and many more.


Apart from the brands you see above, they also create their own designs from casual to formal wear – including bridal and prom gowns.  And guess what, don’t panic anymore during Halloween if you don’t have a costume yet because they can do this too!


Check out this lovely top that you can wear in many different ways! Just use your imagination and you will stretch how far this piece would go.



funky plumfunky plum vintage versatopfunky plum versatop




This is their own design and creation and I say is one of my favorites from the store!


They have new items every week!  And they also hold a great sale for everyone that could go up to 50% off on ALL items! So do watch out for that and follow them on Facebook.



funky plum shoes5926191825 60f18f5c315926784264 acf2a10c27



They also have one of a kind accessories specially designed and created exclusively for Funky Plum Vintage Stores by an artisan who works with copper and brass hardware mixed with semi precious stones.



funky plum

5926257689 63dac7b6f9funky plum



Their services go beyond a typical retail store…


They also offer style advise, style makeovers and a very personalized approach towards every client’s style requirements…


“At the end of the day, our greatest fulfillment is to see that genuine smile on every woman that leaves the store feeling beautiful, wrapped in all that Funky Plum Vintage Vibe :)”

– Sheila of Funky Plum


Visit Funky Plum

Funky Plum Vintage
Unit 211 B 2nd level of
The Pergola Mall
BF Homes Phase 1
Paranaque City

Landline: 781-3392
Mobile: 0920 923 21 87
Facebook: seamora corp.

*More pictures here.


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funky plum

Funky Plum Vintage Fashion Manila






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