8 Fun Bento Boxes and Insulated Baunans to Bring to School

Back-to-school season is just around the corner! As we or our young ones prepare for face-to-face classes to resume this academic year, it’s important to think about the one everyday essential that is usually overlooked—lunchboxes.

After spending so much time at home these past couple of years, we’ve come to love and appreciate the art of home cooking and that doesn’t have to change as F2F school season starts. So we’ve listed down some fun and functional baunans we found on Shopee that you’ll definitely have a great time packing every morning. Check them out below!

Cylindrical Insulated Food Jar

onuobao cylinder lunch

This stainless steel insulated food jar is great for those who often like to prepare soups, stews, or other hot meals for lunch. It can hold up to 530ml of food and has high-quality sealing to prevent leakage. It can also keep your food warm for up to 4 hours! Choose between three available colorways: blue and yellow, pink, and green. BUY it here!

Three-Tier Thermal Lunch Box

three tier thermal lunch

Love eating two kinds of ulam in one meal? Then this three-tier thermal lunch box is perfect for you! It’s made with high-grade stainless steel with a Polypropylene air hole on the cover to tightly seal the containers to keep your food warm and fresh for a long period of time. It also features a handle at the top to help you conveniently carry this baunan wherever you may go! Each tier can hold up to 700ml of food. Choose from three available colorways: green, gray, and pink. BUY it here!

Electric Heated Lunch Box

electric heated lunch

Tired of finding out that your lunch has gone cold by the time you’re ready to eat it? This electric-heated lunch box provides a nifty solution to such woes! This compact case, which looks like a stylish bag on the outside, has a built-in steamer that lets you heat up your food in the comfort of your table. You just have to pour enough water inside, plug it into the electrical outlet and wait for up to 10 minutes for your food to warm up again. Once you’re done, simply pop open the lid and enjoy your lunch! BUY it here!

Multi-Compartment Lunch Box

lunch box with phone stand

This multi-compartment lunch box is great for segmenting your food when you hate having them getting mixed up in your container. What’s great about this is that it’s got its own four-sided buckle with a silicone ring that prevents leakage and that the containers are microwave-safe. It comes with a stainless steel spoon and a pair of chopsticks too! The cover also has a stand where you can place your phone or tablet and watch videos during your lunch break too. (Just make sure not to get caught by your professors!) BUY it here!

Double Layer Bento Box

double layer bento

This sleek bento box holds two layers of food containers that can hold either 850ml or 1500ml in total, depending on the size you choose. It’s also microwave-safe and has removable dividers to compartmentalize your ulam. BUY it here!

LEGO-Inspired Lunch Box

lego lunch

Obsessed with LEGOs? Show it off with this adorable and colorful LEGO-inspired lunch box! The food containers are made with toxic-free food-grade Polypropylene, are leak-proof, and are dishwasher-safe making them super easy to clean. You can even order a matching set of LEGO-style cutlery and mug! BUY it here!

Stainless Steel Lunch Box with Soup Bowl

stainless with soup bowl lunch

This lunch box is just the one for those who like bringing a complete meal with them to school. It’s got different compartments for different kinds of ulam, including a dedicated spot for soups and stews! The stainless steel container is also leak-proof and microwave-safe and can hold up to 540ml of food in total. BUY it here!

Minimalist Bamboo-Style Bento Box

bamboo bento

This Japanese-inspired bento box features two layers of containers—the top having leak-proof material and the bottom having heat insulating properties. The four-sided lock also keeps the bento box together, preventing accidental spills while traveling. It can hold up to 1.2L in total. BUY it here!

Find more stylish and functional lunch boxes on Shopee!

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