From Begging for Jollibee Meals to Affording Her Favorites: One Woman’s Inspiring Journey

In a world where compassion and kindness often shine their brightest, the story of Rosalie emerges as a true testament to the transformative power of love and community. We stumbled upon her story through Safehaven Recovery Village, a treatment center in Cebu City, which shared her story on social media in hopes of spreading awareness online. And we’re not crying happy tears, you are!

From Begging for Jollibee Meals to Affording Her Favorites: One Woman's Inspiring Journey

From Begging for Jollibee Meals to Affording Her Favorites: One Woman’s Inspiring Journey | Photos from Safehaven Recovery Village

According to the center, “Rosalie” endured a life filled with unimaginable hardships on the streets of Mandaue. Fate had dealt her a challenging hand, leaving her homeless, hungry, and mentally challenged. However, amidst the adversity that surrounded her, Rosalie harbored a simple yet heartfelt dream – to step into a Jollibee outlet and savor her favorite meal.

Each day, Rosalie would pass by other fast-food establishments but her eyes were fixed on this particular one. For her, this was a place of solace, a haven for her dreams and desires. Yet, the harsh realities of life ensured that she remained an outsider, never allowed to cross that threshold.

The only time she could taste her beloved Jollibee meal was when kind-hearted samaritans extended their compassion and handed her Jollimeals. As she sat on the scorching pavement, hungrily devouring her food, her heart brimmed with gratitude. In those moments, life was beautiful once more.

Today, Rosalie’s story is one of extraordinary transformation. She was rescued and welcomed into the loving and caring community of Safehaven Recovery Village. The community, together with the Battle Against Ignorance (BAI) Foundation, joined hands to support her treatment and provide her with a safe shelter.

Rosalie no longer gazes through the window of Jollibee as a hungry beggar. She walks through those doors as a cherished customer. No longer will anyone stop her from entering. This reminds us that even those who have faced the harshest of life’s trials are entitled to their own preferences and choices. When asked where she’d like to dine, there’s no hesitation – it’s “Jollibee” that she chooses!

Through the dedicated efforts of the BAI Foundation and Safehaven Recovery Village and the unwavering love and guidance from her life coach, Ms. Nanette Maglasang, Rosalie has been granted a second chance at life. Her story stands as a living example that no one is truly hopeless. Her radiant smile defies such misconceptions.

Rosalie’s remarkable journey from beggar to a beloved customer reminds us that compassion, love, and community can be the beacons that guide us from the darkest of alleys into the warm embrace of a brighter future.

The Battle Against Ignorance Foundation continues to need YOUR SUPPORT to keep changing lives like Rosalie’s. Your donations and love offerings can make a world of difference! For more information, visit Safehaven’s Facebook Page (/safehavenrecoverycebu) and the BAI Foundation website (

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