Friggies: Loving Your Body From Cleansing to Healing

Friggies: Loving Your Body From Cleansing to Healing

Juicing just for detox and cleansing is so 2014. This year, say hi to natural and holistic healing by FRIGGIES (FRuIts and veGGIES), a rookie in the juicing business that is sure to make good marks on people aiming for a healthier body and lifestyle, with its proud line of juices and smooggies (smoothies by Friggies).




What’s definitely cool about them is that Friggies supports local communities and farmers by sourcing their raw materials from the Gawad Kalinga Enchanted Farm in Bulacan, as well as from other farms in the country. Aside from this, they also promote environmental care through their bottle recycling program as executed through their products.

Having an inkling of Friggies’ corporate social responsibility of giving back, there were no hesitations on whether or not I should try out their version of juicing for the first time. The good guys from Friggies sent me a Friggies Lifestyle Package consisting of four cold-pressed juices and two smooggies and also gave me a copy of their published e-book, 3 Days in Lovewhere more detailed easy-to-follow instructions on holistic cleansing combined with lessons on lifestyle and good exercise are provided.

If you also want to try, you can follow the Friggies Lifestyle Package Guideline which provides suggestions on how you can consume the six bottles within a day:

In the morning, consume the Super Smoogies which is good as a meal or as a pre-breakfast, ideally 30 minutes before eating your first meal of the day. It contains malunggay, coconut milk, saba, cacao nibs, and honey that are enough to stuff you some nutrients before breakfast. Around 10-11 AM, drink the ABC Juice which is a mix of beetroot, apple, and carrot. This is popularly known as the “miracle drink” because of its health benefits.



By noon, along with your lunch, have a sip of the AID Juice that will help digest your heavy meal, as well as quench you and neutralize the fluids in your body. It is an anti-inflammatory drink made from pineapple, papaya, and turmeric. Meanwhile, the ABC Smoogies serves as an alternative to your lunch.


In the afternoon, try some TM Juice (Tropical Mint) that is sure to refresh and replenish your body. It is made from pineapple, carrot, and mint. Before having your dinner, it will be great to consume the EGG , a green juice variant for detoxification. This one’s my favorite!


If you are new to this, you can of course slow down a bit by consuming two to three bottles per day — just make sure that it stays refrigerated.

When I first heard about juicing, I could only think of starving and trying to push the limits on how far you can go for a healthier body, but I was wrong. Friggies believes that healing takes place when your body feels that it is loved, and this has definitely changed my impression on the shift of lifestyle that is needed whenever juice cleansing is involved. You don’t even have to punish yourself by solely drinking these juices because it can act as supplements to your everyday diet. Here’s to a healthier year!



For questions about their products and programs, shoot them an email. They’ll be happy to address your concerns.




m: 09229226706 / 6724 or 09167960078






Friggies: Loving Your Body From Cleansing to Healing


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