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When in Manila and craving for the refreshing and exotic flavors of native Vietnam? Come and experience ZAO Vietnamese Bistro with its blend of traditional flavors and textures combined with the freshest produce, meats and seafood, you will surely be satisfied without feeling the guilt.


Why is Vietnamese cuisine such a hit? Is it because of the fresh ingredients? The variation of  refreshing herbs and spices? The combination of fruits in their dishes? Or maybe how healthy it all seems to be? Check, check and check! I’ve been to a handful of Vietnamese bistros here and there in Manila. Some, we are all too familiar with. Personally what attracts me is how refreshed I am with the different textures and flavors Vietnamese food caters. Not just that but its effortlessly healthy on its own.


I’ve been scouting the strip of Bonifacio High Street and Serendra. Leaning towards hopefully eating in every restaurant there just because of the atmosphere. Every week I would have to treat myself to somewhere alive but serene to not feel the rush of everyday life. I had seen Zao before and had asked some of my food adventuresome friends about their opinion. All with great feedback so I had to try ZAO Vietnamese Bistro in Manila!


I immediately jumped in this appetizer of Crispy Spring Rolls



You eat it by getting a piece of lettuce, placing the spring roll in the middle, add some cucumber, carrots and sprouts then fold it in and dip it in the vinegar based sauce. Yum!


I’m a big fan of anything wrapped and fried but hate how it’s greasy it gets when you bite into it. Or the residual oil on your upper lip, uck! This was not greasy at all. We were joking that it was fried in water, hah!


Pomelo Salad (Php 285.00)
with shrimp, chicken and herbs  

 Can you see how vibrant that is? Visual proof of how fresh it is. This was my mom’s favorite. A bit sweet, a bit savory and very light!


Zao Pho (Php 225.00)

Flank, brisket, meatballs, tendons and rice noodle.

THIS is why Vietnamese cuisine is famous. The ever delicious Pho. Here in Zao they have a couple of variety of Pho’s to choose from but this would be their best seller.


You can’t have Pho without lime, mint, Thai basil, sprouts and chilies on the side!



Saigon Fried Rice (Php 215.00)
Chinese sausage, shrimps and peas. 

 Asian will be nothing without it—Rice! This is a lot, good for 4 people. The perfect accompaniment to our next dishes.


Stuffed Tofu (Php 185.00)
with minced pork and mushrooms 

 This was my dad’s favorite. It was so light but so savory. If you deduct the minced pork this would be perfect for a vegetarian!


BBQ Platter (Php 495.00)

Beef, pork and chicken barbecued to tender perfection

Favorite were the beef strips. It was so glorious how it was a bit medium rare. The chicken was soo flavorful! ( I hate chickens with all the flavor on the skin only)


Dessert time!

(L-R) Vietnamese coffee & Crepe clad espresso gateau


Had traditional Vietnamese Coffee. On top of the glass is a filter. A Vietnamese filter is a small coffee pot. It looks like a hat and sits upon the top of a coffee cup. Inside is a chamber for coffee and room for hot water. At the bottom of the glass is condensed milk. Once the coffee is done and ready, you then mix it together. 


I am a  coffee person. Before starting my day I make sure I reserve 1 hour of my time in the morning just for coffee drinking. This blend was very South East Asian. Very bold flavor kind of like the Sumatran blends. Really good if you need a good kick in the morning–or evening! 


The cake-like crepe tier was so interesting texture wise. 20 stacks of crepes were assembled with layers of cream to form this. It was so soft, delicate and best of all still light! With hints of strong espresso powder that filled the table with its aroma upon approaching. Haven’t tasted over-seasoning in this restaurant and I’m pretty glad about that.



When In Manila and ready to treat yourself with Vietnam’s delight of fresh flavorful ingredients that will refresh your palette and overwhelm your senses check out Zao Vietnamese Bistro at Serendra.



 Unit 1C16 Serendra, Taguig, Philippines
 Mon – Tue:11:00 am-11:00 pm

Contact numbers:

Serendra: 856 2819
Eastwood Mall: 470 7587

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Fresh & Healthy Vietnamese food at ZAO Vietnamese Bistro




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