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Do you want to be a freelance writer? Do you want to have articles published in magazines, newspapers and journals from all over the Metro? Do you want to get some tips on how to be a better writer? Then you need to check out “Writers Block Philippines” Writing Workshop!

Learn everything you need to know about starting a Freelance Writing Career! I’ve personally taken classes from the teachers of this class and it’s helped me get published in six different magazines (and counting)!

The teachers of this class have articles featured in publications such as MEGA Magazine, Entrepreneur Philippines, Cosmopolitan Philippines, METRO Magazine, Smart Parenting, Starfish, Philippine Daily Inquirer, Inquirer Blogs, Good News Pilipinas, Marie Claire, Women’s Health, Metro Magazine, Working Mom  Mabuhay Magazine, Manual, UNO, Playboy Magazine, Mango, Metro,, and more! They also have books, write columns for newspapers maintain blogs, are editor for articles etc etc etc….


We’re giving a FULL SCHOLARSHIP! Get to attend this Writing Workshop Class for FREE. All you have to do is:

Leave this message on YOUR OWN Facebook wall with @ links to us so we know you posted something.– I want to attend the Freelance Writing Workshop of & @When In Manila because _________!”

Fill in the blank with your answer.


  • PERSONALLY TYPE IN the “@When In Manila” so that they actually tag and inform us on Facebook, which would let us know that you joined (copy and paste won’t work for that part). Also be sure to add that Facebook page first so that you can tag them.

We will announce the winner on April 21, 2010.

So When In Manila, take some Freelance Writing Classes from Writers Block Philippines so you can get your name published on your favorite magazines!


Who: Writers Block Philippines

What: Freelance Writing Workshop

When: April 24 – 25, 2010 (Saturday – Sunday)





Thanks for all the entries everyone! You can still attend this very fun, useful, practical and affordable class. Just go to their website to see how to sign up or to see future events – Website:

Do sign up on the sidebar for updates to be the FIRST to hear about our future contests, giveaways, new episodes and more! You can also get updates via Twitter –

Phoebe Valerie Ko I want to attend the Freelance Writing of and When In Manila because I have passion for writing and I want to improve my writing skills. I believe that this workshop would help me refine on what I know and will help me gain insights on how to improve my style.


Freelance Writing Workshop Contest


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