Founding Farmers’ Veggie Crisps: A Healthy Way to Snack

Summer’s almost here and we all want that beach body. Problem is we also don’t want to totally let go of snacking. Ah, the dilemma. Don’t worry, though, because here’s Founding Farmers, a company that will get you your chichirya fix without the guilt.

Their product, Veggie Crisps, is a healthy chichirya that’s made from 100% real vegetable chips. Made from VF technology which maximizes the nutrient availability, these chips are also made without any artificial flavors. They are gluten- and cholesterol- free, to boot!


The vegetables used include green sword bean, purple sweet potato, sweet potato, okra, pumpkin, and carrot. It comes in three flavors: Unsalted, Sea Salt, and Garlic.


I’ve brought the Sea Salt and Unsalted variants as baon during my ATV ride with ATV Adventures Rizal, and it was a great experience munching on this healthy snack while taking on the mountainous scenery of upland Rizal.



It also comes in resealable packaging, so you get to keep the crispiness of the chips if you choose to save some for later. It’s also great for sharing! As for the taste, it’s definitely not like your average chips, but it packs its own unique flavors.



So, if you’re looking for a healthy snack or want some different flavors to bring to your next adventure, go try Founding Farmers’ Veggie Crisps!

Place your orders now by contacting our friends over at Founding Farmers!

Founding Farmers



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