ATV Adventures Rizal: 4 Reasons to Ride

Rizal has long been known as a playground for outdoor-loving folks. With many mountains, a world-famous georeserve, countless natural sites, and proximity to the Metro, there’s no wonder that this province is a favorite weekend getaway. And to add to the best things to do in the province that has it all, here comes ATV Adventures Rizal – an ATV tour provider that will show you the province’s beauty in a whole different way. Here are four reasons you should ride with them:

4. The ATV vehicles are heavy-duty and well-maintained

In ATV Adventures Rizal, they make sure that their tools-of-the-trade are the best there are. Regular and mandatory maintenance check-ups are performed to keep the vehicles spick and span.


Despite regularly going through harsh terrains, the ATVs remain in top form

3. Safety first

Since ATV rides are inherently extreme, ATV Adventures Rizal require every rider to first attend a safety orientation before starting the tour. Here, the dos and don’ts are discussed. Safety gear is also distributed. Aside from this, each rider will get to practice riding the ATV before setting off into an adventure. Fret not, however, as it’s no biggie, especially now, thanks to the orientation, that you know how to do it safely.


All geared up for an extreme but safe ride!

2. The guides will really take care of you

ATV Adventures Rizal tour guides and instructors are incredibly fun to be with. They easily make you feel at ease and secure. But aside from this, they will also make sure you’ll be navigating the rough terrain with care and while enjoying yourself. Plus, most of the time, managers Chris and Ed will also be there to guide you. Talk about exceptionally personal customer service!


That’s owner Chris right there on the far right joining us during our ride

and, most importantly…

1. The trails and the views are spectacular

ATV Adventures Rizal offers two tours, each with a different trail: the Forest Trail Adventure, and the Marikina River Tour Adventure. We were able to try the former, and I must say it was one for the books. This particular tour takes you up into the hills, unto an overlooking with the whole of Manila before you. From up here, the air is crisp and the view is breathtaking.


The breathtaking Manila skyline

But the vista serves as the cherry on top since the road to there also possesses its own brand of beauty. The tour lasts for about 2 hours through forested trails flanked with pine trees and many beautiful hardwoods. The adrenaline rush from the bumpy albeit exciting ride makes the landscape and the entire experience all the more worth it!


Going uphill and downhill…


Across bumpy tracks…


and unto “secret” stopovers…

So, what are you waiting for? Check out the details below and book your next adventure with ATV Adventures Rizal!

Forest Trail Adventure

Php2,500 per person

Lasts about 2 hours

Marikina River Tour Adventure

Php3,500 per person

Lasts about 4 hours

All rates include ATV gas and rental, safety gear (helmet, knee and shoulder pads, gloves), tour guide(s), safety demo and orientation

Two time slots are available: one in the morning which starts at 8AM, and in the afternoon at 1PM

Booking is required to ensure all are in order before your visit

For more information, go to ATV Adventures Rizal’s website:

ATV Adventures Rizal

Sapinit Road, Pintong Bocaue, Antipolo, Rizal

+63 977 750 2671