Forque: European Comfort Dishes In A Little Corner of Makati

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When In Manila, take time to explore your surroundings and discover hidden culinary jewels that will appeal to your palate. In a quiet corner of Makati City, just by the edge of Ayala Center, we found a small restaurant called Forque in Pasay Road. The restaurant is a hard but look for Hotel Celeste and it will be behind. In contrast to its busy surroundings, Forque is quite laid back, dim lit to my preference, that serves classic European comfort food for weary souls that drops by after work.



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 Green Soup, or the tasty Broccoli Soup from Forque



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Sweet and Pepper-loaded Forque Roasted Pumpkin Soup



First things first in every meal – soup. Forque has two tasty soups that would surely bring in your appetite for more tasty food later on. Check out their Green Soup or Broccoli Soup which would turn your senses on. If moms or dads out there have a problem with filling in veggies in the appetite of your kids, this would be the best way. The Roasted Pumpkin Soup on offer by Forque is also good and peppered much to my preference, very creamy, with a sweetness to counter bit of spice from the pepper.



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Minestrone Soup with Forque’s yummy Garlic Bread



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Forque Stuffed Balls with Jamon Serrano or Cream Chicken Sauce



If the Green Soup and Roasted Pumpkin Soup is not to your liking, you may try Minestrone Soup as well. How about some Stuffed Balls with Jamon Serrano or Cream Chicken Sauce? Which one is with Jamon Serrano and which one is Cream Chicken Sauce? The round one is Jamon and the elongated one is Chicken. These balls reminds me of Polish Kromeskies.



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Grilled T-bone Steak from Forque



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Lamb Chops with Gravy and the best dip, Forque’s Mint Jelly



Forque‘s main dishes arrived like the T-bone Steak and Lamb Chops. I love the idea of having crunchy veggies on the side but T-bone Steak I preferred medium rare. Nevertheless, it was tasty and flavors are good.

What I loved the most are the Lamb Chops! There is gravy to go with it but if you find it passe, you can go with mint jelly instead! Mint jelly on lamb? Why not! It went well with both and this is a must try when you drop by Forque. I love mint jelly spread in garlic breads too, it was a treat.



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Forque’s very own Prawns Neo Thermidor



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Forque Tapas treat of Chorizo Frito



Prawns are my favorite but it is a no-no in my house with mostly seafood allergic people. Just a tip, do try removing the back side of the prawns if you are initially allergic since that is what you may be allergic to being where waste passes. For the ones who detest eating a whole prawn, they chopped it up for a creamy Prawns Neo Thermidor. Forque does serve tapas as well if you just came by for cocktail drinks. Do try their Chorizo Frito with the authentic taste of chorizos made in Spain.



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Garlic Beouf or Forque’s version of the classic Beef Salpicao



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Crispy Turones for dessert at Forque



Beef Salpicao will also be a classic tapas but in Forque, it is called Garlic Beouf. You saw the garlic right since the Garlic Beouf has a strong garlic taste the goes into the beef. We finished it first than the Chorizo Frito since it was tasty. If you want to tame the taste left in your tongue, why not munch on Crispy Turones. Perhaps most of us knows turon and turones is just the plural of it in Spanish. Expect this to be your classic turon but with a nuttier taste due to the nuts mixed but a good ender.



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Kiwi, Strawberry and Banana Margarita from Forque



More than just a good dining place, Forque is also a bar lounge where people can hang out after a busy day. Forque has some selections of pure drinks and shots but you may as well try their different margarita flavors. We should call it margarita smoothie since it was literally a smoothie with a margarita. We tried kiwi, strawberry and banana but they also peach, mango, raspberry and passionfruit. Better if you drop by on nights where they have live acoustic bands to cap the night.



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When In Manila, and need to spend some relaxing moments with friends over good food and cocktails, head to Forque where you get it at premium near Ayala Center. Forque is open from 10:30am to 12am but they are closed every Monday.




928 Arnaiz Ave. (formerly Pasay Ave.)
Makati City, Philippines
Tel No.: 836-8230
WhenInManila photos by JoTan23 and write-up by República Negrénse.

Forque: European Comfort Dishes In A Little Corner of Makati