Former PBB Housemate Niña Jose Is Now Pangasinan Town’s First Female Mayor

Remember Niña Jose from Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 1? Well, she is now the newly-elected Mayor of Bayambang, Pangasinan! Mayor Mary Clare Judith Phyllis “Niña” Jose-Quiambao is the town’s first female mayor.

The former actress shared a photo on her first day in office yesterday, July 3. “May God and Mama Mary grant me the strength, guidance, grace, and grit to be able to lead my Bayambangeños to a better, brighter, and progressive future aligned with His plans,” she wrote. “Please pray for me.”

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During her inauguration on Tuesday, Quiambao mentioned in her speech that the rise of suicide cases in the town is alarming. She vowed to focus on her constituents’ mental health amid the pandemic. “We cannot and must not ignore the effects of the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic on our mental health. And as an elected official, I want you to feel the love and care of a mother. I want you to feel that you are not alone,” she said. They will also be launching a Facebook page and 24/7 hotline for those who need mental health support.

Among her missions as Bayambang’s mayor is to end poverty. “We will end the cycle of poverty by addressing it from the roots. We will raise strong children, strengthen family ties, and promote health and wellness. Inculcate positive values to the youth, ensure food security, and give better and brighter opportunities for parents to provide for their family’s needs,” she stated.

Moreover, Quiambao aims to address teenage pregnancy. They will reportedly be training the youth and women in different enterprises through the women’s center and youth hub.

A technical-vocational school will also open soon, offering vocational courses, skills training, and other learning opportunities for the townspeople. She announced, “We will make education accessible so that we can ensure that the Bayambangueños will no longer stay in poverty.”

Other priorities during her three-year term are reportedly social-cultural development, social protection, agricultural modernization, good governance, economic and infrastructure development, environment protection, and disaster resiliency, among others.

Quiambao joined the Pinoy reality show in 2006, with housemates Gerald Anderson, Kim Chui, and more. She also became a two-time FHM cover girl and starred in the shows “Pedro Penduko,” “My Girl,” and “Banana Split.”

She married incumbent Mayor Cezar Quiambao in 2017, whose position she is succeeding.

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