Forex Trading: A 6-Digit Income That Anyone Can Do

Forex trading — you’ve probably heard about it before from friends, from news sites, or while researching on your own for new investment opportunities. It’s the buying, selling, and exchanging of national currencies, making it the only “recession-proof market” which offers the most liquidity, requires less capital, and guarantees several opportunities to make profits.

It may sound like a complicated and intimidating topic, but there’s a reason why many Filipinos are talking about it—and it’s because it’s not at all that difficult to learn how to do! In fact, you may be surprised to find forex traders who started off with zero knowledge on the subject but are now earning up to four to six digits in one month alone. The secret? Hard work, self-discipline, a winner’s mindset, and good education and mentorship from a knowledgable trading coach.

Forex trading is a new and effective way to grow your money that you can just do in the comfort of your home and in your spare time. It only takes a few minutes to do too and you’ll instantly get to see the results. Though it’s easy to get started with forex trading, it’s just as easy to make mistakes if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing.

So here are four helpful tips we got from beginner forex traders that will help you get started on your journey towards big profits:

forex trading

Be emotionally prepared for losses

“Accept mo na matatalo ka. Dapat ready ka sa mga nangyayari. ‘Wag mag-invest ng malaking pera kung emotionally hindi ka ready doon sa pwedeng mangyari sa’yo,” says David Patilla Jr., a government employee who joined Born2Win Philippines’ free webinar back in February 2022 and eventually enrolled in Coach Ferdie’s course.

Pera po ang pinag-uusapan natin dito. Kailangan mag-focus, aralin ‘yung mga markets, [and] be conscious sa mga paligid natin like ‘yung mga nangyayari sa ibang bansa kasi naghehelp siya in your decision making.”

Be willing to take risks

Hindi talaga para sa lahat ng tao ang trading,” shared Grade 10 student Kent Mendoza who decided to go into forex trading after an unsuccessful foray into the play-to-earn game Axie Infinity, and has earned up to PHP 30,000 in just one day.

He advised that everyone, no matter what their age is, must be willing to accept the fact that they won’t always win in forex trading and must overcome such challenges with grace.

Kasi may iba naman na mababa ‘yung emotional quotient. Iba-iba ‘yung how we take things,” he continued. “For example, if we suffer losses, ‘yung mga iba ‘di maka-take ng ganun. Hindi siya para sa lahat. [You have to be willing] to take the risk.”

Don’t be greedy

The advice of Rommel Deraco, a 45-year-old seafarer who has earned as much as PHP 265,000 of profits in one day, is for beginner forex traders to understand when to stop. You may be tempted to go big to earn big, but you should only invest what you’re willing to risk to lose.

Dapat ‘wag silang greedy. ‘Pag lose, lose ka talaga. ‘Wag mo nang iinsist,” he said. Know when to let go of losing positions, especially when it doesn’t seem like the market will improve anytime soon, in order to save yourself from severe losses.

Get forex trading education

Kailangan nila mag-take ng course and every day mag-practice sila,” added Rommel, and all of his classmates would agree: the best way to learn about forex trading is to get educated by a real forex trading coach.

Luckily, there are FREE online seminars that happen every week by none other than the country’s number one trading coach, Ferdie Pabalan of Born2Win Philippines. Yes, you read that right: FREE webinars!

Coach Ferdie conducts these 3-hour online seminars to guide students on the ins and outs of forex trading in an easy-to-understand and uncomplicated way. He teaches the basic tips and tricks, how to invest without the risk of losing too much, and where to get started on your journey towards becoming a profitable trader.

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Sa kanya, wala ‘yung hype. He does not promise you an impossible income,” noted lawyer Soledad Bangsail, who earns 10% profit in one day on average after taking Coach Ferdie’s trading course. “If you will go with the teachings of Coach Ferdie, then you will learn how to trade by yourself, to analyze, and not to depend on other people.”

Mabuti talaga [si Coach Ferdie] magturo. Like difficult stuff kaya niyang i-simplify. Maiintindihan mo talaga. Approachable din siya na coach [and] he won’t treat you as a student. Parang kapatid ang turing niya sayo,” said Kent.

‘Yung tinuturo niya lang is ‘yung kailangan mo lang matutunan. You do your assignments. You can ask questions pero ‘di siya nagsasabi ng ‘Eto ‘yung gawin mo.’ ‘Yung sinasabi lang niya is ‘Eto ‘yung tinuro ko, inapply mo ba?’” David continued. “He doesn’t police what you do. He helps you take it step by step. Napaka-patient and positive lang niya.

So get started with forex trading by attending any of the webinar dates for this month:

August 2, 2022, Tues, 6-9 PM
Webinar ID: 448-727-691

August 5, 2022, Fri, 6-9 PM
Webinar ID: 491-343-995

August 7, 2022, Sunday, 11 AM – 2 PM
Webinar ID: 826-803-155

August 13, 2022, Saturday, 6-9 PM
Webinar ID: 565-541-003

August 14, 2022, Sunday, 11 AM – 2 PM
Webinar ID: 108-297-499

August 16, 2022, Tuesday, 6-9 PM
Webinar ID: 712-521-707

August 19, 2022, Friday, 6-9 PM
Webinar ID: 539-590-907

August 21, 2022, Sunday, 6-9 PM
Webinar ID: 243-557-659

August 23, 2022, Tuesday, 6-9 PM
Webinar ID: 139-239-571

August 26, 2022, Friday, 6-9 PM
Webinar ID: 983-417-395

August 28, Sunday, 6-9 PM
Webinar ID: 211-617-243

August 30, 2022, 6-9 PM
Webinar ID: 750-864-267

We’ll update this list when more webinar dates have been scheduled.

Got more tips you’d like to share with beginner traders? Sound off in the comments!

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