WATCH: Foreigners Are Getting the #AlDub Fever!

WATCH Foreigners Are Getting the #AlDub Fever


A few days ago, we wrote about a group of American boys who are in love with the epic love team between Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, known together as AlDub (The guys even did the popular pabebe wave). The AlDub love team is so intense that one episode got 2.15 million tweets.

Now, more foreigners are getting into the #AlDub fever! Take for example these two guys who are watching the episode where the actors meet for the very first time. This episode garnered 5.79 million tweets, two million more than Pope Francis’s visit earlier this year.

In the episode, the two finally meet, but were separated when a plank of plywood was used to separate them. Mendoza, known as Yayadub, was then kidnapped by unidentified men.

Watch the reaction of the guys below:

In the video, right after the plywood separated the lovebirds, the foreigners reacted negatively, with one of them repeatedly saying ‘no.’ The video is courtesy of Jeff James.

AlDub is part of an improv soap opera known for its split screen frame and Mendoza’s dubbing of lines from popular songs and films. According to Nielsen ratings, Eat Bulaga enjoyed a 300% increase in its viewership. It is now also being taught in class at the University of the Philippines.


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