Food Wanderer x Lakbay Museo: Manila’s Biggest Interactive IG-Worthy Food Museum

There’s a new must-visit interactive museum that’s perfect for barkada hangouts, family outings, and dates with your significant other.

Food Wanderer x Lakbay Museo is said to be the biggest interactive food museum in the Metro! This new museum features 3,000 square meters filled with interactive food-centric installations, fun activities, and unique backdrops for your IG photos.

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If you’ve been following the millennial museum Lakbay Museo, then you’ve probably heard about its sudden closure this year. Well, it’s back with a much bigger space and a lot more installations, especially with their collaboration with Food Wanderer.

We got to check out the newly opened Instagrammable museum and we had such a memorable experience!

Fun and unique IG-worthy photo spots

Upon entering the museum, we were instantly welcomed by a number of Instagrammable spots that also work as a fun playground for everyone.

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There’s the iconic Mayon Volcano replica with bright colors and a mesmerizing photo spot hidden inside the “volcano”; a mini replica of the Chocolate Hills; and a Halo-Halo-inspired spot with shiny “pearls” and “jello”.

Going through the museum, you’ll also find halls with new spots for picture taking. There are so many stations that offer the perfect background for your OOTDs.

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I particularly loved the mango room, the Ilocos Region-inspired hall, and the giant food-themed rooms with a life-sized adobo rice bowl and life-sized sticks of street food!

food wanderer lakbay museo 190226

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Just a tip for your visit here: be prepared with lots of fun poses, a friend who can take amazing photos (or a camera and a tripod), and your best outfits.

Fun activities for all ages

With Food Wanderer x Lakbay Museo in a much bigger space, there are also lots of new activities that you can enjoy! Now, you won’t just be visiting this museum for great pictures, but also for cool new experiences.

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You can design your own slime, create bead art in the Pinta room, and bake your own kakanin or cook some rice dishes in the Kulinarya room. Of course, you can bring home all of your creations!

Aside from these rooms, you can also try cool games and win prizes all over the museum.

A deeper look into Filipino food

Food Wanderer x Lakbay Museo gives all visitors a more in-depth look at Filipino food, and it’s about time that we had an establishment that gives Filipino cuisine the spotlight it deserves.

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All around the museum are replicas of distinct Filipino dishes from specific regions. There are also collections of types of rice, coffee varieties, and preserved food that you can find all over the 3,000-square-meter space.

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Food Wanderer x Lakbay Museo is also just as educational as any museum, thanks to the extensive information on Filipino food and ingredients written all over the walls.

It was such a delightful experience to gain more insight into some of our favorite dishes and Filipino food staples.

A feast for the eyes and the tummy

Of course, what’s a food museum without having the opportunity to taste food? Food Wanderer x Lakbay Museo has lots of stations where you can enjoy a taste test of what’s on display.

food wander

There’s a whole area with exotic edible bugs which you can try for yourself—if you’ve got the stomach for it.

food wanderer lakbay museo 173816

You can also try different types of vinegar and even lambanog.

food wanderer lakbay museo 174430

In case you get super hungry after roaming around and taking awesome pictures, you can buy some classic Filipino snacks and drinks from 7107, an in-house food stall!

A celebration of culture and culinary wonders

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Food Wanderer x Lakbay Museo truly offers a museum experience unlike any other. It’s like being transported to every island of the Philippines in just two hours.

People of all ages will love and enjoy an in-depth and immersive look into the unique Filipino culture and our unique culinary offerings.

Take advantage of their promos with tickets starting at PHP 699!

Food Wanderer x Lakbay Museo

2F Ayala Malls Manila Bay, Diosdado Macapagal Blvd, cor Aseana Ave, Paranaque City


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