Fly for Free with GetGo, Cebu Pacific’s New Rewards Program

“Travel is a very compelling reward.”

These were some of the first words spoken at the media launch of GetGo, Cebu Pacific’s Rewards Program, held at Mövenpick Hotel in Mactan, Cebu.

Fly for Free with Cebu Pacific GetGo PH

Fly for Free with Cebu Pacific GetGo PH

And indeed, it is. And it seems Filipinos are beginning to be aware of this as more and more of our countrymen are traveling and exploring locally and internationally.

Cebu Pacific’s approach to traveling and flying has always been “fun and down to earth,” as the airline would describe. And this certainly is proven by their “Every Juan Can Fly” tagline and their constant catchy promo campaign banners that have paved the way for the common Filipino to join in on the new travel frenzy happening worldwide.

Fly for Free with Cebu Pacific GetGo PH

In 2014 alone, 17 million passengers flew with Cebu Pacific (a big percentage of which are local flyers), making Cebu Pacific the biggest Philippine airline carrier and the largest low-cost carrier in Asia. In a nutshell, it can be said that Cebu Pacific has opened the door for Filipinos to the world.

And now there’s GetGo. They have not only done it again, but has certainly taken their airline game to yet another level.

Fly for Free with Cebu Pacific GetGo PH

#FlyForFree with GetGo

GetGo is a lifestyle rewards program in which registered members can earn points from flying with Cebu Pacific. Additional points can also be earned through availing add-on products such as reserved seats, additional baggage, in-flight meals, and more.

Fly for Free with Cebu Pacific GetGo PH

Fly for Free with Cebu Pacific GetGo PH

But not only that. You can earn points not just from your travels with Cebu Pacific, but from your daily purchases from different establishments, too. As Nik Laming, General Manager of Cebu Pacific’s Loyalty Division, shared, “In the coming months, some of the country’s leading retail, banking, and service brands will join our growing network of partners to offer more opportunities for millions of Filipinos to earn rewards points and fly with Cebu Pacific for free.”

Currently, GetGo’s anchor partners are Citibank and Metrobank, wherein cardholders will be able to convert their rewards to GetGo points, to start flying for free. Other partners include ZAP and RingRob Concierge.

Highlights of your GetGo Membership

Fly for Free with Cebu Pacific GetGo PH

1 point for every 5 pesos

Every 5 pesos of your flight purchases and add-ons are equivalent to 1 GetGo point. For example, if you bought 5,000 worth of roundtrip tickets, that’s already 1,000 GetGo points for you that you can use to buy your next flight!

No expiry

Unlike other rewards and point programs, GetGo points do not expire! You never have to worry about rushing to use your points so it won’t go to waste. As long as your account is active, your points will be, too.

Fly for Free with Cebu Pacific GetGo PH

Combine points

GetGo points are non-transferable, but there is a better option: sharing points! GetGo members can create a group via the GetGo website in which every one can pool their points together to make bigger flight purchases.

Top up with cash

Want to purchase a flight but your GetGo points are not enough? No problem. Pay the excess fee that your points can’t cover with cash. Easy peasy.

Fly for Free with Cebu Pacific GetGo PH

Excess fees and taxes

You’re good to pay with cash for your flight but not the extra charges and taxes? Your GetGo points can cover that for you, so you no longer have to worry about that. Just get on that plane and get going!

Readily available

So long as the flights you want are available, you can fly using your GetGo points anytime, any flight, anywhere.

Fly for Free with Cebu Pacific GetGo PH

Get Going, #FlyforFree Now

Ready to fly for free?

Fly for Free with Cebu Pacific GetGo PH

Just head on over to the GetGo website to sign up. Pay only 150 pesos to cover the membership fee, fill in your address, and your cool GetGo card will be shipped right to your door so you could start living your traveling dreams.

Fly for Free with Cebu Pacific GetGo PH

“We want everyone to be able to fly,” said Nik Laming. “And now, we want everyone to be able to fly for free.”



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