FLOW Surf Yoga Samba Turns Four!

The FLOW Surf Yoga Samba team celebrated another milestone when they turned another year older in the place where it all began – San Juan Surf Resort in La Union.

Since November 2009, they have been organizing Surf Yoga Samba weekend retreats as an alternative weekend for anyone up for a healthier choice.

FLOW 3FLOW Surf Yoga Samba Turns Four!

Not all beach venues in the Philippines are surf spots- some retreats have ventured out into having other interesting and unique activities like poi workshops, sailing and crafternoon with cocktails (held last summer in Boracay!) and even adding healing massage options to the package (which we did last June in Negros).

Last November 1-3, 2013 was the “classic retreat package” which consists of the our favorite activities: surfing, yoga and samba classes. These are their passions, which is really the seed of FLOW which blossomed to what it is today.


Monica Eleazar-Manzano taught the 2 yoga sunrise classes: Yin Yoga (a very deep, relaxing and healing yoga style which focuses on the joints and fascia tissues of the body) and Partner Yoga which the group enjoyed very much because it is not the usual yoga class you can find in any studio.

San Juan Surf School’s instructors led the surfing classes. The waves were big and messy in San Juan so everyone took a jeepney ride to Bacnotan, another surf spot 30 minutes away. Luke Landrigan taught basics on land such as popping up, balance and surf safety. San Juan surf instructors guided all participants in the water.


The current was strong and waves were big but participants braved the waves and were able to stand despite most of them being first time surfers. They all enjoyed the surfing experience that some even opted for extra lessons.


Samba school Imperatriz Filipinense capped off Friday and Saturday’s sunset hour with their dance and drum performance/ class sessions. Toni Bernardo, drum director of the school together with sibling, Bogey Bernardo pumped up the people with their mad percussion skills while Denise Gonzales-Bernardo taught the complementing samba dance routine which also happens to be a fun calorie burner!

All three founders of FLOW (Monica, Noelle and Denise) are advocates of the green lifestyle and share knowledge on how to jumpstart health through the green smoothie and basic raw vegan demo in every retreat. 


Every participant had a chance to try several green smoothies, a raw vegan surf snack and also received a hand-out of easy recipes to follow.

This FLOW retreat was made possible by Aura Athletica, Havaianas, Bobble, Moringana, Beyond Yoga, Lightwater, Lagu, Belo Essentials SunExpert, Cutieverse, The Superfood Grocer, Strip, Browhaus, Yamamay, The Juice Barista, Rawlicious Green Smoothies, Nyogi, plus our media partners: When In Manila, Travel Magazine, Lifestyle Network and My Life on Board.







FLOW Surf Yoga Samba Turns Four!