First-Time Job Seekers Now Exempted From Gov’t Fees on Documents

A new law waiving fees for government documents has just been passed into law by President Duterte. Republic Act No. 11261 or the First Time Job Seekers Assistance Act was signed last April 10, though Malacañang only recently made it public on May 7. 

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Under this law, government agencies will no longer be charging first-time job seekers for documents or certificates needed in relation to seeking employment. To avail of this exemption, you would need to present a barangay certification confirming you are seeking employment for the first time. 

Applications under the law include: 

  • Police clearance certificate
  • National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) clearance
  • Barangay clearance
  • Medical certificate from a public hospital (fees and charges for laboratory tests and other medical procedures will not be waived)
  • Birth certificate
  • Marriage certificate
  • Transcript of academic records issued by state colleges and universities
  • Tax Identification Number (TIN)
  • Unified Multi-Purpose ID (UMID) card
  • Other documentary requirements issued by the government that may be required by employers from job applicants

Unfortunately, applications for professional licensure examinations, driver’s license, Philippine passport, and Career Service Examination under the Civil Service Commission will not fall under the law. 

(The Philippine National ID Cards will soon be in use and this is how you can get one)

In order to ensure this privilege is justly used there will be a registered roster under the Department of Information and Communications Technology of all individuals who avail of the exemption. This is to guarantee that it will only be used once.

What do you think about this new law?