Firefly Roofdeck: Where Amazing View, Awesome Drinks, and Great Food Come Together

Admit it, work gets stressful often. And the only thing we can think of to release the stress is looking for some place where we can chill, relax, and have a breather. Here’s a great place in the city where you can do exactly that.

Firefly Roofdeck is located at the 32nd floor of the City Garden Grand Hotel in Makati. It has an amazing view of the skyscrapers and, ironically, the busy streets. While one may encounter the terrible traffic on the way to the Firefly, all the worries might disappear once you see the incredible view of the city lights.


firefly2Who wouldn’t be amazed with a beautiful view as that? It’s good to know there is one place where you can actually see chaos turn into beauty.

The Firefly Roofdeck can accommodate a maximum of 50 people. With its spacious area, cozy vibe and comfortable chairs and couches, one can just enjoy and live the moment with a view such a beaut, over, of course, a wide selection of food and drinks to match the perfect spot for your breather moment.

firefly4The bar


And what makes the experience more enjoyable is Firefly’s food and drinks. Spice Cafe and Firefly Executive Chef Dennis Peralta shares consistent meetings with the management enable them to craft a food selection that will not only fit a certain client, but all.

The Firefly Roofdeck serves the flavors of the world which people who already visited certainly enjoyed. You can have your food served a la carte, pair your drinks with your choice of BBQ, enjoy the flavors of Asia, or try the chef’s recommendation. For a more unforgettable experience, you may ask Chef Dennis or their crew to guide you with their bestsellers.

12087591_10205104225872975_2098603001_nThis cold Mojito is one of Firefly’s bestsellers. If you’re one who doesn’t enjoy beer, you may opt for this refreshing cocktail drink with a leafy taste.

12086906_10205104226953002_945801823_nAlso, you may try their frozen daiquiri which comes in fruity flavors. You can choose from Mango, Strawberry, or Kiwi. This cocktail drink is so refreshing, there’s a great chance you’ll get addicted to it.

firefly7For their Japanese clients, Firefly also serves Sake. If you want to try something new, this must be it!

Aside from these drinks, they also have craft beers at the bar. And these beverages perfectly go well with their extensive food choices.

firefly9Firefly has a salad station and BBQ area. If you’re having drinks, BBQ is always a good idea.

firefly8Executive Chef Dennis Peralta doing his magic on the Tepanyaki

Firefly opened this Tepanyaki station for their Japanese guests. You may choose from an array of shrimp, salmon, beef or chicken. The peppery flavor of the meat goes well with the veggies served on every plate. If you were to ask me, I’d definitely recommend the Salmon Tepanyaki.


Firefly serves the very distinct flavors of Asia. Their menu expands from Japanese to Vietnamese and Indonesian. These cuisines go well with the cocktails!

firefly13Kataifu Prawn

firefly13Vietnamese Spring Roll

We were also lucky we had a taste of their version of Crispy Pata. We waited for our other friend before digging into this, so all the while I thought the staple somehow lost its crisp. But it didn’t! And that’s what I loved about it. The skin is crispy, meat tender, and not too greasy. I have to say it was a feast.

firefly12Crispy Pata

And on top of all these is their excellent service, with a hospitable and very accommodating crew, which made the experience more fun and personal.

So if you are looking for a ‘chill’ place to unwind come pay day or a stressful day from work, consider visiting Firefly and appreciate what else life can offer  like an amazing view, awesome drink and great food. You deserve it, anyway.



32nd floor, City Garden Grand Hotel,
8008 Makati Avenue, corner Kalayaan Avenue,
Makati City