Finding My Happy Place: Here’s What I Learned from Shifting Majors

Words by Mara Karniella Sugue

Note: This article is premised on the author’s experiences and views alone, and does not intend to represent anyone else’s thoughts and opinions.

About a year ago, I got kicked out of my major. Long story short, I didn’t get the required retention grade needed to stay. I didn’t see it coming because I thought I had it in the bag. But on the other hand, I sort of knew it was going to happen and no amount of manifesting could have changed it. I eventually had no other choice but to pick a major that would accept me and my grades.

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I’m not usually into cheesy, inspirational quotes, but I want to say that this experience showed me how some things in life happen for a reason. It showed me that if you’ve tried hard enough and still didn’t get something, maybe it’s a sign from the universe that it’s not meant to be.

I hated what I used to major in. Hate is probably a strong word to describe it, but I honestly didn’t enjoy the subjects I was taking and it reflected in my grades. I wasn’t motivated to go to any of my classes (I had to even tally how many cuts I had just to not overcut a subject), and I just wasn’t interested in what I was learning.


Something I still vividly remember is talking to the department’s director—she said that she couldn’t accept my appeal. She told me that maybe I could find a major wherein I could get As and Bs instead. And so, with nothing left to lose, I shifted to a course I once considered taking.

And ever since I shifted, my life completely turned around. I started enjoying my classes. I didn’t dread going to school because I was genuinely interested in the discussions. I also had more concrete dreams and plans in life because I know I wanted to do more in my new field. resizeimage 1 1


Fast forward to a year later, the director was right. I found my place in my new major. It even came to a point that I made it to the dean’s list. I know grades aren’t everything, but it’s comforting to know that I’m not finishing with a degree I don’t like.

Going into college, I was always so insecure. I felt that people looked down on me because I didn’t get at least average grades. But with this experience, I don’t feel so bad about myself anymore. And to be honest, I’m just happy with the mere fact that I don’t look at writing papers because at least I actually like writing them.

And if you’re in the same position, keep your head up.

Trust me, it gets better.