Film Review: Runner Runner stars Justine Timberlake and Ben Affleck

What if you’re watching a movie about Online Gaming and super relate because you’re working at the biggest Online Gaming Company in the world? They said that life is a risk and that if you’re risking something, you’re gambling. So, are you a gambler? I am.

Welcome to the Gambling world where suspense, more drama and double crossing is the norm…don’t forget the bashing part where hypocrites thrive too, the new film directed by
Brad Furman is showing in the Philippines now and will be release in the United States on October 4, 2013. This crime drama thriller set in the world of illegal online gambling for Warner Bros. and New Regency is something that I never expected. Well Thanks to Solaire Resort and Casino for the invite. It became my date night too.


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Watch “Runner Runner” the new American produced movie this 2013 about a Princeton State University Grad student, Richie Furst (Justine Timberlake) at New Jersey who was cheated by playing an Online Poker and was confronted by the University Dean for promoting gambling inside the school. The Online Gaming site run by a multi millionaire and bachelor Ivan Block ( Ben Affleck) offered a job to Furst instead and became Block right hand man because of his skills while the pretty and sexy Rebecca Shafran (Gemma Arterton), the love interest of Ivan after learning that Richie is a good negotiator fell for him and conspire a scene to bring Ivan to the Feds. The scenes were all shot at Puerto Rico and at the Princeton State University at New Jersey though the plot revolves at Costa Rica.


A must see, I’ll give this movie 98% for Timberlake is improving while Affleck is always something to watch out for and Shafran for her sexiness (I love her body and Im sure mothers like me are into gym to have that body.) From the start of the movie till finish, there’s a never ending suspense and the twist is something at the end. I Just love pretty women, fancy cars, global companies, private airplanes, ambitious people, luck, gambling, education and a life well lived and If you’re into those things, watch Runner Runner. It’s worth it.

 What If the only choice you have is to work at the biggest Online Gaming Company in the world? (Food on the table, tuition fee for you or your children and good life without even playing poker, black jack..) And why there’s critics who are bashing your work but can’t even provide you a nice job? Don’t forget, the house always wins and if you think what you’re doing is right, go for it or walk from it. Life is short.


Film Review: Runner Runner stars Justine Timberlake and Ben Affleck 

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