Filipino Creates New Background for Rizal Monument in Luneta

For several months now, people have been talking about the ruined background of the Jose Rizal monument in Luneta. After the construction of the Torre de Manila, more and more people have begun expressing their disappointment in DMCI and even the government. Moreover, more people have also been coming up with their own creative ways to save the monument.

Just recently,  Noel Enriquez of 300 Studio shared his ideas on saving the beauty of the Rizal monument in Luneta. Since the building ruins a beautiful background, Noel decided to create a different and maybe even better background instead.

Rizal Monument (02)

Rizal Monument (07)

Rizal Monument (03)

Rizal Monument (04)

Rizal Monument (05)

Rizal Monument (06)

We think the background looks really nice, especially if it were lit with a variety of colored spotlights. But of course, everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion.

What do you guys think of Noel’s idea?

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