Filipino citizen captures the Japanese observing ‘stand left, walk right’ escalator rule

The Japanese people are commended for their discipline, especially when following rules. One social etiquette they strictly adhere to is the escalator etiquette – where one walks briskly on the right (especially if in a hurry), or stands on the left.

Wilson Ng, from Cebu City, happened to visit Japan just recently and he was impressed with the peoples’ “order, discipline and uniformity”.

It’s a wonderful sight to see rules being followed!

“Tokyo is very crowded and escalator rides are always challenging. But the Japanese follow rules. They stand on the left to make way on the right for people who may be in a hurry,” Ng tells WHEN IN MANILA.

Does he believe that such can happen also in the Philippines since some public establishments have implemented the elevator etiquette as well?
“This cannot improve by itself. This is part and parcel of how we are brought up and our perception and habits,” he remarks.
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