Filipino Artists Unite to Spark Conversations and Inspire Change for the Environment

With the mission to spark conversations about environmental conservation, Agos, an art exhibit opening on April 27, brings together Filipino artists to inspire change and action for the environment through creative expression. The exhibit will run until April 30 in the Art House at Power Plant Mall, Rockwell Dr, Makati City.

The name of the show, “Agos,” which means flow, symbolizes the interconnectedness of all living things and the importance of preserving our natural resources.

Fil am Pop Art artist Sean Go will be exhibiting artworks at Agos

The lineup of artists includes Aaron Mempin, Alger Guevarra, Anita Del Rosario, Bianca Natola, Dennis Morante, Emman Acasio, JP Duray, Joemarie Sinclaire, Leeroy New, Mario de Rivera, Martin Honasan, Niccolo Jose, Orley Ypon, Richard Buxani, Sam Penaso, Sean Go, Tammy de Roca, Tessa Mendoza, and ZAR.

Sean Go, who has had his works shown internationally in places such as New York and Indonesia, talks about his and his fellow artists’ excitement with the upcoming exhibit.

Pop Art artist Sean Go

“We’re thrilled to show what we’ve been working on finally. Agos is giving us Filipino artists a platform to talk about environmental conservation through our creative expression. It’s a cause we all believe in, and it needs to be further discussed in whatever form,” Go said.

Go will be featuring three of his works during the show:

“Surfing Squirtle” captures the essence of the origin story of Agos, as Squirtle takes a trip to La Union to drink buko juice, watch his fellow turtles hatch by the sunrise, and surfs with tsinelas. “The 3 Blind X-Mice” is a commentary on how we often lose sight of collateral damage when we are too focused on singular goals. Finally, “Pinoy Mandalorian” captures the spirit of agos and recycling as Mandalorian beskar steel is recycled and reforged for foundlings like Grogu. This piece is fashioned in pop art style using symbolic Filipino flag colors and is timely relevant as Mandalorian Season 3 is airing as we speak.

This event is presented by Art House in partnership with Search Mindscape Foundation, a non-profit organization that paves way for interaction, collaboration, and engagement in the Philippine art community. They are committed to building their platform to create opportunities for artists and investors to collaborate more closely, allowing the Philippine culture to thrive and be present in different communities around the globe.