This Filipina Might Get 1 Million Pesos From Her Ex’s Life Insurance Policy

We’re not really sure how to feel about this story that we stumbled upon on Reddit but we are living for it! Basically, a Filipina went on Reddit to share her story about how she and her ex-fiancé once got life insurance policies with each other as beneficiaries.

Life Insurance

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels

However, six months before their wedding, the man cheated on her. Although she forgave him, he ended up leaving her two months before the wedding for the girl that he had cheated on her with. The Reddit user, aptly named “BigayNyoNaSakinTo” goes on to share how she almost went crazy, begging for him to come back and leave the other woman who was in her early 20s and had her whole life ahead of her. In her thirties, the Reddit user felt like her ex was her last chance. He no longer loved her, though, and they broke things off for good.

That was one year ago. While the Reddit user changed beneficiaries along the way and assumed he did too, she was shocked to hear about his death and even more shocked to learn that she was still the beneficiary of his insurance policy.

Reddit Story Ex Insurance Policy

Screenshot from Reddit

This means that she will be getting around one million pesos in the payout. The woman that the man cheated on her with allegedly asked for the money because she is unemployed and pregnant with their child.

“Honestly? I don’t care,” the Reddit user admits. “I have a million pesos to my name care of my cheating boyfriend. He and this girl destroyed my life and they didn’t care about me back then. Why the hell should I care about them now?” She goes on to point out that it isn’t her fault the man didn’t change his beneficiary. What would you have done in this scenario?

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