Fete Dela Musique Hip-Hop Stage for 2017

One word to describe the Fete Dela Musique Hip-Hop Stage for 2017: WILD!

For non-hip-hop heads and outsiders to the culture, and if it was your first time encountering the local scene during Fete, then it would’ve been the best introduction to the game’s current status.

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#FeteHipHop2017 was by far, one of the craziest and complex stages for this year’s festivities. It was overflowing with all 4 Elements of Hip-Hop. (Graffiti, DJing, Break Dancing, MCing).

Flooded with excited and intoxicated event goers. If you weren’t prepared to take it all in, it would’ve overwhelmed you. For real. I’m surprised nobody fainted, actually.

The Hip-Hop stage was held at The Studio (Kamagong St., Makati). Accommodating event goers in 3 different pocket areas within the stage’s premises. The Merchandisers and other activity booths in one area. The “Dungeon Room” located on the 2nd floor, and the all-encompassing Main Floor area.

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Upon entering the Main Floor, you’d be greeted by funky and animated graffiti covering the walls, (Doom, Bayawak, TCMF, SDFK, TNT, WLRS) the super dope Red Bull sound machine truck, and a bunch of hip-hoppers dancing or vibing to the sound.


As the crowd was starting to build, dance crews: Original Flavor Crew / Funk Roots / Reppin Down Crew.

Philippine Allstars / SAS Crew / Hybrids of Freedom / Stellar StreetQueens / Molito Funk / Prince and Vince / Brown Butta / Dancehall Manila / Pitik Pinoy took over the main floor early in the evening. Showcasing world-class dance moves to all on-lookers.

Later on in the evening, as the main floor was already starting to get filled up with guests, most of the dance crews migrated to the Dungeon Room, where DJ’s and Beatsmiths: Med Messiah, Canna Bass, DJ Ben, Six The Northstar, Funkatalyst, Fish Taco, Pope Fiction supplied endless tunes for the dancers to groove to.

As that was taking place, the gathering in the Main Floor was getting super packed.


Acts like: DJ Flava Matikz / Nathan J / Mula Etivac / Felix Bakat / Boo-G / Kudos & Duke ng Pasig / Death Threat / 1218 / 357 Pro / K-Leb / Microphone Mechanics / Jxhnny Estacio / Women’s Business Hip Hop / Drinkin Man’s Hip Hop / Klutch-B / Pasayeno Brothers / Shanti Dope / Uprising / Peaceful Gemini / Maduming Kwarto all blessed the premises with their presence.

All of them did their thing. Regardless of the time, they got on. And believe you, me, ALL OF THE PERFORMERS WERE DOPPPE AF and brought their own flavour to the table.

For me though, standout and notable sets for the night were from: Alex Bruce, 727 Clique, Baryo Berde, Tukar Sinati, GSM and Bawal Clan x 2 Jointz.

And if that wasn’t enough, other event goers started rapping and performing with their own sound system in the streets. Creating a new stage, outdoors, in the middle of traffic. That was definitely an experience to see. It was a night filled with trap-induced mosh pits, drunken talks, good times and solid fun!

Watch the video below!

Just another night for Hip-Hop.Can’t wait ’til next year! Fete De la Musique Hip-Hop Stage (2017) is powered by:

The Philippine All Stars, Island Hop, Zark’s Burgers, Nyogi Pure Coconut Water and Jack Daniel’s.

Words by: Benjamin Mendoza


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