Fete de la Musique was a Celebration of OPM

I love the month of June because it’s Fete de la Musique season. For one whole month, different artists play their music around the world for free to celebrate World Music Day and I am thankful that this festival is here in the Philippines, too.

I was quite #shookt to learn that Fete de la Musique has been around even before I was born. I first attended this annual music festival last year where I tried out their pocket stages in Makati and their main stage in Intramuros. After my first Fete experience, I vowed to come back this year to check out their main stage in Makati and join the festivities.

Lo and behold, a year later, I got to join the festivities at their Greenbelt main stage to celebrate my love and support for the OPM industry along with other Pinoys and foreigners. Filipinos are fans of music by nature, so it was no surprise to see a lot of people clamoring to visit all of the stages of Fete.

It was quite amazing to see that Original Pinoy Music is very much alive in an era where people are glued to their phones playing games or endlessly browsing through social media all day long. Despite the impending rain in Makati, the show went on and I was astounded to see some indie bands and artists perform live.

What I loved the most about the festival, though, was how they give all of the artists their chance and time to shine. Whatever genre your type of music may be, you are very welcome at Fete de la Musique. They don’t even have an age limit! Young ones and the young at heart can enjoy music at Fete! Talk about inclusivity, right?

At the Greenbelt 3 Main Stage, I got to witness the performances of indie artists, such as August Wahhhh, Pinkmen, She’s Only Sixteen (who was a crowd favorite), and my favorite folk indie band Ransom Collective. Itchyworms also performed a solid set that made the audience dance and sing along to their classic songs. The big finale of the night was Urbandub. Although they experienced some technical difficulties during their set, they gave an all-out performance for their fans that waited for them.

The other main stages of Fete de la Musique happened at A-Venue on Saturday, which was composed of Ebe Dancel, Ang Bandang Shirley, and Unique; while one more main stage was at Intramuros’ Puerta Real Gardens.

Our sincere gratitude goes to Alliance Francaise de Manille and Globe for continuously bringing Fete de la Musique to each and every Filipino who loves music. If there’s one thing that can unite us Pinoys, I must say it’s music festivals like this one!


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