Fetch: 3 Reasons Why It Could Be Your Pet’s New Best Friend

There is a specially made toy chest in my room with the sole purpose of holding different accessories for my dog, most noticeably his grooming products. We’ve tried powders, soaps, sprays, and a variety of shampoos, but nothing was ever really satisfactory. The anti-flea remedies either didn’t work or had too many chemicals; the shampoo’s scent would fade right away; and nothing could really solve the scabbing and sore spots.

For the longest time, I resorted to making my own homemade oatmeal scrub. It wasn’t perfect, but it would have to do. Luckily, I recently discovered Fetch!, a pet care system with neem-based products that I now swear by. It has now been a few weeks since I started using their products and can confidently give you 3 reasons you need to make the switch to it from your current grooming brand of choice.

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_MG_0824 copyThe Neem Shampoo is sold in two sizes: 250ml (Php 220-240) and 500ml (Php 395-410)

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3. Your furbabies will look and feel good.

My mom likes to tell the story of how, during a particularly warm summer, my grandmother had their poodles shaved bald. After seeing them, my grandfather immediately exclaimed, “You cut off their dignity!” Trust me: your pets are very well aware of how a fluffy coat of fur can make or break you. Fetch’s products transform your pet’s coat into something wonderfully soft, shiny and fragrant. Even after a week, that ‘doggy’ smell will not be found anywhere!

Plus, its natural properties work to soothe irritated skin and hot spots, and even remove areas of drying skin or mange. I had never seen my doggo so comfortable in his own skin until after Fetch!

Fetch1Oliver after his bath and waiting to see how he likes his new shampoo


2. A spray a day (or bath each week) keeps the fleas away.

If you didn’t know, our summer season also happens to be the dreaded flea season. It can get pretty bad here in the Philippines, where ticks carrying diseases and flea infestations abound. Out of all of the products I’ve tried and tested as a solution, Fetch has been the most effective one so far.

This has everything to do with their use of neem extract as a base, which interferes with the eating, mating, and molting habits of fleas. Combined with other natural repellents like citronella and lavender, their formula has made this season the most hassle-free flea season yet.

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_MG_0827 copyThe Neem Leave On Rinse (Php260-280) works as a conditioner and freshener

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1. Healthy means happy.

A friend of mine used to be paranoid about her pupper’s grooming habits, telling (and scaring me) about how some shampoos can make your pet’s hair fall out, give them wounds and burns, and even make them weaker. Because of that, I’ve always strayed away from products that use too many chemicals or smell too artificial.

Fetch’s approach to their products as a natural solution is something I highly prioritize, and feel that every pet owner should, as well. Using safe and non-toxic components ensures the comfort and health of your pet at all times.

Fetch4Their Neem Home Cleaner and Deoderizer (Php 350-380) can be used on beddings, kennels, furniture and more!

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Alright, I was wrong. There’s actually a fourth reason to consider Fetch! for your furbaby: because of the concentrated nature of their solution in the shampoo, the rinse and cage cleaner come out amazingly sulit! Plus, with an online order process through their various social media accounts, you don’t even need to step out of your house (or away from your pet) to get a bottle (okay, so 5 reasons!).


You can place an order at PetWarehouse.ph, or through their Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you prefer to shop the old-fashioned way, though, you can also find Fetch! at U.P. Town Animal Center, Dog City Kennel Supplies and Accessories, Earth Kitchen, Pup Culture, and the Legaspi Sunday Market.

Fetch is also conveniently available on Lazada. Check out their shop now!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FetchPH

Instagram: @fetchphilippines

Lazada: Fetch!

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