FEF Clothing: Bring The Party To The Gym!

The hottest festivals are taking place all over the country, and all you have to do is take your pick — from Sinulog to Summer Siren, from Wanderland to Neverland, each and every one of these festivals definitely bring out the good vibes in you!

This is exactly what FEF Clothing, a brand made for millennials by millennials, wants you to feel every time. FEF Clothing is a self-described feel-good brand of festival and fitness wear, perfect for the millennial’s active lifestyle, taking it from the concert field to the track in one go!


Today’s youth don’t stay still in one place after all– they’re always out and about, looking for the next adventure. So even when you’re not out at 2AM lying underneath the stars, and sweating it out in the gym instead, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be bringing the good vibes while working out!


FEF Active Summer Collection for guys!

Taking a look at their Active Summer Collection, it isn’t hard to feel like you’re fist bumping in the air to the hottest EDM beats, when in reality you’re lifting some heavy iron or adding reps to your push-ups. Their bright neon colors, along with catchy motivational quotes definitely pump you up even more to feel the burn. Whether you’re just starting to get into the fitness lifestyle or you’re a proud gym buff, these tees will definitely get you in the mood to break some sweat.

Check out some of their awesome statement tees below:


Shot on location in UP– because who doesn’t love jogging on its gigantic oval, with a plethora of trees and greenery surrounding you?


Don’t worry about starting out slow when you’re beginning to work out– every little progress counts, as long as you’re building yourself to a better, fitter, and stronger you every day!


When you wake up in the morning and you don’t feel like working out– think about the fitness goals you want to reach! Think about the days before leading up to today when you weren’t as strong as before…

you’ve come a long way! Fitness is a lifestyle, not a fad.


Don’t forget to cool down after every workout, to prevent further soreness. But then again– sore is the new sexy!


Being active and fit doesn’t have to be a chore. Finding a sport or activity that suits you the best will definitely make working out feel more like play than work, and it doesn’t hurt when you’re sweating in these cute tees from FEF Clothing as well!

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FEF Clothing