Fashion + Art = FART: Haute Couture Designer Boutique in Manila

When in Manila, and fashion meets art, you get F*ART!

This very hip, haute contour boutique store should be your number one stop when looking for high end fashion to distinguish your stylish lifestyle.

F*ART Fashion ART offers funky fashionable finds fit for fun and fab Filipinos.

You will sense the sophistication and uniqueness of FART’s brand as soon as you step into their two-story boutique in Quezon City. Everything from the walls and the ceilings to the accessories and the clothes scream “innovative!” The colors, designs, style, and everything else in the FART boutique threatens to inspire a creative spark in guests who come through their doors.

Fashion ART (FART) is an idea conceptualized by Happy Andrada and Viva Andrada, two sisters who share a passion for life, travel, adventure, fashion, and art. As the movers and shakers of Fashion ART, these creative sisters want to give space for Filipino talent to bloom and grow.

Viva and Happy are always amazed by what Filipinos can do. They believe in Filipino talent. They encourage others to be proud of what Filipinos can do. Filipino fashion designers and artists now have a place to showcase the best of what they have to offer. F*ART is the new home of freshest creations made by talented Filipinos.

We want to thank the creative sisters, Viva and Happy, for having us at their store and letting Hannah of try on their very stylish outfits.

(Dress) Zebra pink and black jumper by Happy Andrada / (Accessories) Hand painted bangles by Baubles Bangles and Beads / Ring by Bianca Pitogo / Shoes by KACH / Necklace by POWERNAP / HAT by F*ART

Elvis dress by Happy Andrada / headband by F*ART

Filipino fashion designers and artists now have a place to showcase the best of what they have to offer. In Fashion ART, anything is possible and what you imagine is within your reach. That is because Fashion ART allows you to interact with Filipino fashion designers and artists so you can customize the products you really want to have according to your taste and needs. That’s right because Fashion ART is a place where young, fast rising Filipino fashion designers and artists showcase their freshest creations. Fashion ART offers funky fashionable finds fit for fun fab Filipinos.

Love life with F*ART in your heart. Look even lovelier and livelier than ever before. Flaunt your style with fresh, fab, fun creations. Enjoy expressing your individuality. Plus, support Filipino world-class talent and products when you shop at F*ART.

When in Manila, upgrade your wardrobe with some high end style by visiting the Fashion & Art boutique store called F*ART. This is the place where fashion meets art and your sense of unique clothing meets the designers who can provide you with the artistic creativity your clothing needs.

F*ART Fashion Art Store

24 J. Erestain cor. K-1st, Kamuning, Quezon City

10AM- 7PM (Mon-Thurs) / 10AM-8PM (Fri-Sun)

4127311 / 09175242779

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