Fangirl Finds: A Death Note Notebook to Release All of Your Anger

In case you haven’t heard of it or seen it yet, ‘Death Note‘ is a Japanese manga that has been translated into an anime series, a US adaptation of the series, and several movies. In ‘Death Note’, a student named Yagami Light finds a supernatural notebook dropped by a bored Shinigami from the world of the Death Gods.

This Death Note basically has the power to kill people in whatever way the writer desires. So, say, Light writes down the name of a criminal and then writes down the time and date and way he wants that person to die… and that person will die. Yes, it sounds morbid. But the original anime series is amazingly good and is definitely worth watching.

It looks just like Light’s Death Note inside!

Whether you are a ‘Death Note’ fan or not, though, this notebook is a great conversation starter. Not only will fans of the show ask about it, but I guarantee that they will also ask about what you write in it.

Remember Lind L. Tailor?

I first saw a Death Note notebook in high school and the girl who owned it told me that she used it as a type of Burn Book ala ‘Mean Girls’. As for me, I used mine as a sort of rant board. I was originally going to use it as a journal, but it didn’t seem right to write about my daily kilig and happy thoughts in a notebook called Death Note. :p

Know any ‘Death Note’ fans? Or do you want a Death Note of your own? Check out WZ Collections for one and for a lot of other geeky finds! 😀

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