Fan spots easter egg in Taylor Swift’s “Folklore” release

Out of nowhere, Taylor Swift announced a seventeen-song album titled “Folklore” that she’ll be dropping in a matter of minutes. Swifties were quick to freak out, clamoring for more details, wondering where the hints and sneaky little references were all this time, knowing that their idol enjoyed giving out these little hints before dropping an album. People asked and searched high and low on her Instagram and social media outlets to no avail. Until one silver-eyed sleuth fan noticed something. Check out the tweet below:

Everyone knows that Swift has an affinity for the number 13. It’s her lucky number, after all! She attributes her success and luck to instances where the number is involved, such as turning 13 on Friday the 13th, her birthday, winning certain awards in seat number 13, etc. This was a sharp find!

Will you be listening to Folklore? Tell us all about your feels!

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