Fall in Love with the Underrated Beauty of Bicol at Misibis Bay

Bicol is known for the Mayon Volcano. It’s a beautiful sight to behold as it is – so much so that you’ll fall in love with the province at first sight just because of it. From the scenery to their specialty Bicol Express, it’s an experience that you’ll immediately be longing for once you’re back at the oh-so-busy Manila. There’s one more gem that Bicol has to offer that you should know about, though: Misibis Bay.

Misibis Bay is a 5-hectare island resort located in Albay. It is an hour away from Legazpi Airport if you travel by plane or around 12 hours away via bus/private vehicle, making it a secluded paradise for you to unwind and soothe your soul in, and to create a vacation to remember in.

With such a long history behind them, you might have heard of the resort from other people. However, Misibis Bay has been continually improving and developing facilities  through time in order to keep up with tourists’ desires. One of the latest developments of Misibis Bay is their new accommodation wing with their “Pacific View” rooms.

There are 3 types of Pacific View rooms: Standard, Deluxe, and One-Bedroom Premiere—all facing the Pacific Ocean. Each room is as spacious as 39 square meters, complete with larger-than-normal bed/s, an iron, a blow dryer, and a bathtub. Its minimalistic and attractive look will make it impossible for you not to feel relaxed once there as the sound of the waves beckons you to rest.

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With a room like that, you’ll probably just want to lay down and rest, but there are also numerous activities at Misibis Bay that you might want to try to make your stay even more memorable.

Water Activities


No vacation is complete without swimming. Luckily, at Misibis Bay, you have the liberty to dip in their swimming pools or swim in the crystal-clear water at the resort’s white-sand beach. Misibis Bay’s beach has calm waters due to the stones creating a cove, so you won’t have to worry about the waves ,even if you’re not adept at swimming.

Stand-Up Paddling

This activity might look intimidating at first, but it actually gets therapeutic the more you paddle away on the tranquil waters. You’ll be given a stand-up paddleboard to row along the borders of the enclosed beach and believe me: it’s majestic to look at, so make sure you take some pictures.

Kayaking is also available.

Jet Skiing

For those who are looking for more of a thrill, jet skiing is undoubtedly enjoyable. The lifeguards will brief and guide you on how the motor works and, before you know it, you’ll be screaming at the top of your lungs as you go 40 kilometers per hour. A must-try for me!


Personally, I am afraid of the water; but that feeling of fear went away as soon as we floated towards the reefs. The view below was more beautiful than I expected with colorful fishes everywhere, clams, starfish, and other aquatic creatures. No underwater photographs will be able to mesmerize you this way—an activity you should definitely experience yourself!

Land Activities

ATV Rides

This has got to be my favorite activity in Misibis Bay. ATVs might just seem like mini trucks to some; but at this resort, it’s blood-pumping and adrenaline-rushing for sure. The guide will take you on a tour to see the different parts of the resort and you will drive on the road going to the hilltop where you will be greeted by the sunrise.

Going up the hill is scarier than it sounds, but it’s sure to be one of the most fun activities you will ever try. As soon as we reached the hilltop, we ate breakfast and watched the sunrise—it was truly one for the books!

Unwinding Activities


After a long, long day, a spa treatment is always a good idea. You can get a 1-hour massage in their spa rooms or just get room service if you want to go to sleep right after. Either way, it will relieve your muscles and help you wake up more refreshed than before.

Spice Market

Their one and only in-house restaurant is called the Spice Market. This sole eatery is the ultimate haven for spicy food lovers because they serve authentic (mostly) Filipino cuisine done in a Bicolano way. Their bestseller is, without question, their Bicol Express. They can even serve it with a side of hell: the Ghost Chili Pepper. It’s the spiciest chili in the world and you can try to eat it with your already-spicy Bicol Express if you dare!

Eating at Spice Market at Night by the Beach

They also have Sili Ice Cream, which you should try, as well, because it’s a distinct flavor you won’t find anywhere else.

Sunset Watching at Five Views

This made me fall in love with Bicol even more. Misibis Bay offers cocktails at Five Views, a patch of land on top of a hill where Mt. Mayon is visible. There are blankets to sit on and tables to place your drinks and food on. The sky, painted with orange, pink, and blue hues, greeted by the setting sun will leave you breathless. You will appreciate Mother Nature with that view as you enjoy chill drinking with your special someone, friends, or family.

As the sun sets, you will also be able to see the place go pitch black, but illuminated with the candles and lanterns set by the servers and the stars shining brightly above you.

“Beautiful” is what you’ll say throughout your whole trip.

Siargao or Batanes may be in right now, but the underrated beauty of Bicol isn’t far from becoming one of the top destinations here in the Philippines. Especially thanks to places like Misibis Bay, more and more people are sure to recognize this province more. The trip there will always be worth it – not just for Mt. Mayon.

Misibis Bay

Cagraray Island, 4509 Bacacay, Albay,Bicol

+639175991606 / +639214873869


Website: www.misibisbay.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/misibisbayofficialfanpage


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