Don Rodolfo’s Cafe: Enjoy Food and Art in Bicol

As a typical millennial foodie who loves trying what’s new (guilt hits me hard at times), let me tell you about this coffee shop you shouldn’t miss the next time you visit Bicol.

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Known to Bicolano millennials as Rodolfo’s, it is an artsy coffee shop located in Liboton, a few minutes’ drive away from downtown Naga. You won’t go wrong with this coffee shop owned by a blogger, photographer, and a certified food lover.





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This place has become a go-to place for millennials, young adults, and even families.

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Why Don Rodolfo’s Cafe? The food, of course.  Dubbed is the home of the Black Burger in Bicol, DRC that will tickle the adventurous side of your tastebuds.



This Black Burger only costs Php200.

DRC is the only cafe in Bicol that offers this bold and daring kind of burger.


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They also have a Philly Cheese Steak Burger (Php159) bursting with the combined flavors of succulent meat, DRC’s special cheese sauce, and fresh veggies. How can you not be curious?


We’ve all heard about Mac and Cheese Burgers, but you have to try the Bicolano version of it. DRC crafted a fusion of luscious flavors of mac and cheese, juicy bacon, vegetables, and special spices all in one bun. This one only costs Php149.


There’s always something nostalgic about the rich taste of our all-time favorite ulam. And yes, making it the highlight of our pasta is never a wrong move. I tell you, you’ll love their Adobo Pasta (Php109).


For Oragons like me, #SiliIsLife. So if you’re also a sili person, this Sisig Pasta (Php149) is perfect for you.


Chicken waffle is a personal favorite (Php149). There’s something so good about how the waffle is mixed with the right amount of sweetness, when the juicy chicken fillet is sandwiched in it – the sugar, meat, and contrasting textures go in harmony.


I also have this ongoing love affair with DRC’s Smores Mug. This chocolate treat (for only Php99) may seem sinful at first glance, but just focus on how it effortlessly tempts you to indulge in a sugar rush every once and a while.

This one’s also perfect for capping off a productive week or for shooing away a bad day. Chocolate, after all, is always a good choice.

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