Funny but Fake AppleCare Support Modus in the Philippines

These text message criminals are really taking it to the next level! They’re “sosyal” now as they pose as AppleCare customer service representatives, supposedly helping you with your accounts. 

The funny thing is that I doubt anyone working for Apple with text messages as seen below….. You need to see this! 

Text and photos from Reena G.

Hi, When In Manila! 

This guy claims to be from Apple/Icloud Support and has been constantly calling me for an “interview?” (haha!). 

Over the phone, He said that someone returned my STOLEN IPHONE to him, BUT he will only return it should I be able to answer the security questions. He said that I can claim my phone at SM Mall of Asia right away after the verification. 

Surprisingly, what he asked for is my APPLE ID and PASSWORD! He said I just have one chance to answer. Of course – I did not, hence, the message “HE’S GIVING ME ONE LAST CHANCE”. Nice try, isn’t it? :))

The way he composed his text messages clearly shows he’s from Apple, tho. HAHAHAH! :))







After that last text, Reena G added: 

The word DESPERATE is an understatement for this FAKE APPLE SUPPORT guy (0917574****). Hanggang kagabi tumatawag parin siya (he even called last night). I was able to talk to him.

He said “nagagalit daw yung boss nya dahil hanggang ngayon hindi pa niya nasosoli yung iphone” (he said his boss was mad as they have not returned the iphone). He’s telling me again that i just need to pass the verification process then I can claim my phone rightaway sa “APPLEMAC” (wtf is applemac?). Sumunod nlang daw ako sa proseso (He said I should just follow the procedures). Kelangan ko lang daw patunayan na alam ko yung APPLE ID at PASSWORD KO (He again told me to verify my Apple ID and Password). He’s also telling me na “mahiya naman daw ako, ako na nga daw sosolian ng phone ako pa nagagalit. Anong ugali daw meron ako” (He also told me to be more humble as I was the one being given back my phone but I was the one with the attitude problem).

I was shocked with his words, I was really pissed that I was shouting to him already. I told him that i already reported what he’s doing, but he’s still in character! Ang kapal ng muka mo! (He had no shame!) Nasayo na nga yung iphone, wala na kong balak kunin yan sayo, hindi ka pa nakuntento? ( You already have my phone and you still aren’t satisfied?) Nagkamali ka ng taong niloko mo kuya, pero sino nga ba namang maniniwala sayo jejemon (You’re trying to fool the wrong person! Who do you think would believe your idiotic self)! Also, I know you’re “trying” to open my Yahoo, Facebook, Gmail, iCloud, at Apple account. Goodluck with that A**HOLE!


Remember to always be skeptical and cautious when giving out personal information! 

How would you respond to this person?