Facial Care Centre now open in Eastwood


WHEN IN MANILA and you’re in a quest to feel effortlessly beautiful, FACIAL CARE CENTRE is now open to serve you in Eastwood City in Libis, Quezon City.



“Taking great pride in always being the first to offer the latest skin innovations in the country, the latest Facial Care Centre branch is sure to be accessible to all women in and around the Libis area who wish for a skin care experience like no other.”



Not all skin types are the same, especially for women. This is why Facial Care Centre offers personalized skin care program based on individual needs:


  1. Optilight Treatment – Counters sun exposure damage such as freckles and sun spots. This facial treatment yields results 3 times faster than any other forms of IPL, achieving a clearer, blemish-free skin in no time.
  2. UltraFace Treatment – The first facial treatment to combine ultrasound and radio frequency to get rid of chubby cheeks and sagging jowls without the risky surgery. This facial treatment breaks down fat cells and gently recontours and tightens the skin for a slimmer, more proportionally-shaped face. 
  3. LaserLight Soprano – This is the latest laser hair removal treatment especially designed for those who wish to achieve hair-free perfection anywhere on their body.
Since our skin types vary, we had to get a consultation first for FACIAL CARE CENTRE to understand what our skin needs the most. Mine tends to be oily at the T-zone area and sometimes dry on some parts. I also get to have pimples from time to time because of clogged pores. My cousin, Tiffany, has the same problem.
Aivee Crawley (Manager, Facial Care Centre – Ortigas)
Ms. Aivee was a paying client of Facial Care Centre Ortigas  for years before eventually becoming the manager. She credits her youthful glow to Facial Care Centre’s facial treatments. She recommended that we try the “Soothing Indulgence” Treatment Package which includes Repechage and Facial Care Centre‘s bestseller — Diamond Peel. “The Repechage is one of the most luxurious 4 layer facial treatment from New York that nourishes, rejuvenates and stabilizes oil glands. It also improves skin tone and soothes the skin, leaving it looking and feeling refreshed and invigorated for days.” She also suggested that since we wanted to age gracefully, facial treatments once or twice a month would greatly help to maintain a healthy beautiful skin.
There’s a separate area for men and women. Just for fun, we had the couple’s room 🙂
Facial Care Centre‘s couple’s room was spacious and relaxing, but we were also intrigued with the men’s treatment room so we had to check it out.
Facial Care Centre‘s treatment room for men had a “manly” feel to it. The cabinets and walls were darker in color.
Anyway, enough with the loitering and now it’s time to have the actual 1 hour and a half  facial treatment. We were so excited to finally have a day of luxurious pampering from Facial Care Centre.
FACIAL CARE CENTRE‘s Soothing Indulgence starts off with cleansing of the face using warm cotton pads.
Next, our faces were massaged with toner/moisturizer and then scrubbed with Facial Care Centre‘s honey and almond mixture. The scrub massage was very relaxing as it exfoliates the dead skin cells on my face while the smell of the honey and almond soothes and calms my mind.
After the refreshing steam, the Facial Care Centre staff  gently applied the repechage hydrating cream on my face. 
Extraction of impurities such as whiteheads and blackheads were done shortly after. I loved how Facial Care Centre fully trained their staffs. The extraction was done in gentle gliding strokes, which was not painful at all. 
After the extraction, Tiff and I were both treated with Facial Care Centre‘s bestselling Diamond Peel.
It was my first time to try diamond peel. The word “peel” scared me a little since I do not like the idea of “skin peeling.” However, Facial Care Centre‘s diamond dust-coated wand was nothing invasive. It aims to exfoliate old, dead surface skin to bring back skin’s natural glow by removing the impurities on the face. The diamond peel helps to fade blemishes and dark spots, and even out pigmentation and discoloration so skin will look brighter and more radiant. Also, it improves fine lines by stretching and bring back elasticity of the skin for a youthful glow.
After Facial Care Centre‘s Diamond Peel, our skin were prepared for the 4 layer luxurious facial treatment
First Layer: Application of Facial Care Centre‘s Vitamin C Serum. This is for added skin protection, nourishment, healing and reduces spots. Second Layer: Facial Care Centre‘s Repechage Hydrating Cream to stabilize the oil glands.
Third Layer: Facial Care Centre‘s Seaweed Mask to close the pores. This was my favorite of all – it was really cold and I loved it 🙂
Fourth Layer: Facial Care Centre‘s Mineral Mask for anti-aging. The mask was left on my face for 15 minutes. We were left alone by the staffs so we can rest or take a nap. The room was really peaceful with the sound of my cousin’s breathing and the relaxing music on the background. Facial Care Centre‘s Soothing Indulgence Treatment will definitely make you feel pampered and stress-free… 
I feel pretty already 🙂
After 15 minutes, the staff went back to take off the mask.
RESULT: Skin as smooth and soft as a baby, looking more radiant and youthful 🙂
Like us, get your firsthand experience at Facial Care Centre Eastwood and prepare yourselves for the perfect skin indulgence that will leave you stress-free and smiling always 🙂


Energizing Indulgence:


VitaSpa – Quench your skin’s thirst with our signature spa in a facial! Combining the intensive cleansing benefits of a thorough facial with the soothing, pampering feeling of a spa, VitaSpa infuses the skin with high concentrations of essential vitamins, effectively moisturizing and protecting it in the process.


Skin Tone Re-Energizer – It’s like getting a mini facelift! Skin Tone Re-Energizer strengthens the muscles in the face and neck, improving contours and tightening the skin immediately. An invigorating treatment, it makes skin look more supple, fresher and definitely more youthful and vibrant

Purifying Indulgence   

Facial Treatment with Collagen – Give your skin that deep, moisturizing clean it so badly needs. Facial treatment with Collagen is a soothing and exhilarating facial  treatment that sloughs away dead cells and removes deep-seated impurities,  revealing skin that’s cleaner and radiates with a healthy glow.


Advanced Lasertone – An essential when it comes to maintaining refined, younger-looking skin. Stimulating collagen and elastin production, Advanced Lasertone helps improve skin texture and tone, diminishing the appearance of lines and creases.  It also helps soothe and heal pricks and marks faster.

“From its sophisticated interiors and professional expertise, all the way to its exceptional range of non-invasive skin treatments that can address virtually every skin concern, women who choose Facial Care Centre are assured of the kind of service they truly deserve – first class all the way.”
WHEN IN MANILA, get pampered and visit the latest branch of FACIAL CARE CENTRE in Eastwood City.


 Facial Care Centre Eastwood City
30/F Unit C, MDC Building,
E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue corner Eastwood Avenue,
Bagumbayan, Quezon City.
Call 892-SKIN (7546) to book your free consultation today.

 Facial Care Centre Website:www.facialcarecentre.com.ph

  Facial Care Centre Facebook:www.facebook.com/facialcarecentre

 Facial Care Centre Twitter: @FacialCareCtrPh


WhenInManila Photos by JoTan23




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