F-Word Restaurant – Funky Food in the Philippines

The F*#%^! Word

Whatever the F in the F Word might be to you – Fun, Filipino, Fantastic, Furious, Food, Floozy, Fudge or whatever – there’s no doubt that coming to this unique restaurant will have you screaming a combination of many different F words.

Meeting up with one of the owners and also lead chef for the F Word, Hatch quickly revealed to me that the F Word is not your typical run of the mill lunch venue. “A lot of people arent ready for this yet,” said Hatch.

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He explained that the F Word has very traditional dishes, but each with their own unexpected twists. Hatch says that people come in expecting one thing, but end up getting a whole different thing. According to him, they’ve had their share of arguments and angry customers, but the F Word, a relatively new establishment, is going to stick to its principles of delivering traditional dishes at creative and innovative ways.

Take for example the F Word’s Sinigang. This very traditional Filipino dish has been served for generations and is a staple of Filipino life. The sour soup with its mix of vegetables and meats can be seen at every corner restaurant and in every household. Here at the F Word, they just had to mess with that tradition.

F Word Makati Restaurant Chef Hatch and Vince food When In Manila Philippines

Instead of serving this as a soup, the Sinigang here is merely a sauce. They serve Mahi Mahi fillets with a sour sauce that tastes just like that of the soup. I really liked it as it had all the traditional elements and tastes, but with a kick to it.

On the other hand, I don’t recommend taking your grandmother here who might freak out on the mere thought of having a Sinigang without soup, amongst other things.

The F-Word Restaurant Makati Philippines funky food When In Manila

I love the ambiance of the F Word. Hatch, the chef was an absolute pleasure to meet. He’s an extrovert who hung around us the whole time we were there. He had stories about crazy customers, angry patrons and idiotic experiences. I really felt like Hatch embodied the restaurant itself.

It’s a restaurant for the innovative, the creative and the young at heart who wants to explore. The F Word is a culinary journey from the past that brings in the present and gives you hints of the future.

Vince chillin at the F-Word Makati Manila Philippines WhenInManila.com

Next time, when in Manila, I highly recommend coming to the F Word in Makati to taste the fusion of tradition and art into culinary masterpieces.

P.S. I also really recommend you try the Mango, Pineapple and Ginger Shake! What the F right?! But I swear it was F-ing good!


****NOTE – F-Word unfortunately is no longer open for business. The F Word restaurant closed down. =(

The F Word

Contact person: Chef Hatch Bodegon
Phone Number: +632 813-0475
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Makati-Philippines/F-Word/69154996879?v=info&ref=search
Website: https://fwordresto.multiply.com/
Email: fwordresto5@gmail.com
****NOTE – F-Word unfortunately is no longer open for business. The F Word restaurant closed down. =(