Exploring PHossibilities in Public Health with SIBOL-PH

By: Frances Nadine Hocson 


With the University of the Philippines’ recent announcement of cancelling the much-awaited UPCAT for this year, aspiring Iskolars ng Bayan have a new journey ahead of them. The country’s premier national university is known for their esteemed principles of honor and excellence, and their selfless service to their countrymen. With hundred thousands of high school students fighting tooth and nail for a slot in the university, it is best to know in which path they are meant to be in. 

EVENT POSTER Exploring PHossibilties UPDATED

As the University of the Philippines’ System is known for its diversity and one of their coveted courses is the Bachelor of Science in Public Health. Offered in UP Manila, this is widely mistaken as the “MedTech of UP.” With the field’s relevance in the current global situation, SIBOL-PH, a student-led organization from the College of Public Health is holding “Exploring PHossiblities: A Closer Look on Public Health” on January 30-31, 2021 from 1:00- 5:30 PM. This 2-day Zoom webinar aims to spread awareness on the importance of Public Health in society as well as to help in promoting Public Health as a vital part of the country’s health system. This event is open to grades 9-12 students from any high school nationwide. Various speakers from different aspects in Public Health are slated to spark inspiration to the future public health professionals of the country. 

Make sure to hop on this exciting journey and discover what possibilities in the field of Public Health are in store for you! Visit SIBOL-PH’s social media accounts for more details. 


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