Explore the Flavors of Spain: Restaurante Galeon

People usually have this misconception about Spanish cuisine being extravagant and quite difficult to prepare, but it’s actually simple. In fact, the dishes only require dashes of familiar spices found in our kitchen. The savory and seemingly complicated play of flavors come from patience and finding the balance.

Restaurante Galeon achieved the perfect balance on both the culinary and hospitality experience of Spanish cuisine. They know how to entice the palate of a refined crowd, but have also opened the doors for the Filipino mass to explore the Spanish flavors.

Explore the Flavors of Spain: Restaurante GaleonBlack Paella, P650

This gastronomic experience is highly dependent on the intricate layering of flavors, play of textures in a dish, and the history swirled into these decadent meals.

We were joined by Mrs. Patty Lopez-Torres, Chef Chris Orencia, and Mr. Vincent Flores to guide us through the satisfying Restaurante Galeon experience. They explained the complicated process of their menu curation and how a certain dish comes up.

Explore the Flavors of Spain: Restaurante Galeon

Besides savoring the wonderful five-course lunch, I loved the fact that the people behind the wheels excitingly shared a discourse with me about food deconstruction. It’s indeed a refreshing discussion than the usual, “our food is great; we’re the best in town.” It intrigued the “foodie-chef” persona in me.

To start off, they served us the pumpkin soup paired with grilled chicken salad which is heartily light yet gives justice to the freshness and satisfying factor of the starters. I was surprised how the caramelized dilis bits worked well with the acidity of mangoes, the creamy cheese on top, and grilled-to- crisp chicken in the salad.

Explore the Flavors of Spain: Restaurante GaleonGrilled Chicken Salad, P295; Cream of Pumpkin, P90

According to Mrs. Lopez-Torres, drinking wine or any alcoholic drinks in Spain must always be paired with a meat and starch combo. This is how the croquetta came about.

Explore the Flavors of Spain: Restaurante GaleonCroquetta, P295

It was a magical deep-fried ball of mashed potato center-filled with chunks of salty chorizo and topped with thinly-sliced caramelized onions. Instead of hassling yourself with the meat and starch meal, you can just pop the croquetta in your mouth while enjoying their red or white wine sangria.

Explore the Flavors of Spain: Restaurante GaleonRed Wine Sangria Carafe, P365

While the croquetta can be a flavor bomb, this shrimp gambas is innocently spiced with paprika and delightfully creamy. I like it as it was a simple dish and the natural flavor of shrimp is not overpowered by excessive seasoning.

Explore the Flavors of Spain: Restaurante GaleonGambas, P475

Paella Negra is definitely a 180 degree reinvention of the usual orange hue of the dish. They used squid ink to tint and add flavor to the dish. At first I was really hesitant to try it because: 1. it’s black, 2. I’m allergic to seafood, and 3. I don’t exactly like squid. But this dish has convinced me that with the right balance of perfection and passion from the chefs, Restaurante Galeon’s Paella Negra is a dish not to be missed, not even by someone allergic to seafood like me. (Just make sure to pop that medicine to avoid unwanted reactions!)

Explore the Flavors of Spain: Restaurante Galeon

Then there goes the chorizo and bagoong pasta. Both pastas are really good, but the unadulterated, raw flavor of the bagoong with homemade chicharon and green mangoes changed my preference on pastas. Who knew our favorite snack as a child can be turned into a gourmet pasta?

Explore the Flavors of Spain: Restaurante GaleonBagoong Pasta, P230; Chorizo Pasta, P250

Of course, there are desserts waiting for us like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Like the rest of Restaurante Galeon’s dishes, the secret is in the layering of flavors and textures. Eating San Marco can be best described like indulging in a cloud of leche flan, sugar, and creme. It was light yet it stays in your mouth long enough for you to say it was worth it.

Explore the Flavors of Spain: Restaurante Galeon

Explore the Flavors of Spain: Restaurante Galeon

Same goes with their Sansrival. It was melt-in-the-mouth goodness. What can I say more? It was fantastic.

Restaurante Galeon offers a 50% discount on desserts every Wednesdays and Fridays.

Restaurante Galeon

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Article written by Jemina Mission