Explore These Captivating Artworks When You Visit The Podium

Experience art while shopping at The Podium this August through “Art All Around,” a multi-faceted art celebration featuring a collection of permanent artworks unique to the mall, a pop-up exhibit called “Kismet: Weaves of Fate,” and tenant art galleries Art Lounge Manila and Galerie Joaquin.

Artists Naburok Jesse Camacho and Humbly

Photo: The Podium

More than just a shopping destination, The Podium is home to permanent art installations created by some of the most influential artists and art visionaries. Shoppers and art enthusiasts can revel in art masterpieces, such as Ai Weiwei’s “Divina Proportione,” Arturo Luz’s “Cubi,” David Medalla’s “Cloud Canyons,” Michelle Lopez’s “Chandelier II,” and Pamela Rosenkranz’s “Amazon” and “Alien Blue Windows”. Discover more of them and their artwork at https://thepodium.com.ph/art-at-the-podium/.

The Podium is featuring three new artists in a contemporary pop-up art exhibit entitled “Kismet: Weaves of Fate” that will run from August 21 to September 3 at the Atrium, Level 2. In the exhibit, artists Humbly, Jesse Camacho, and Naburok have collaborated to bring forth an exhibit that depicts the beauty and interconnectivity of human life. The exhibit will take visitors on a whimsical adventure, exploring the beauty of chance encounters, unexpected blessings, and fortuitous events that shape lives in meaningful ways.

Brian Reynald Antonio (b. 1987), also known asHumbly”is a self-taught illustrator and toy-maker based in Rizal. His current practice was inspired by a mishmash of elements from his past childhood: 90’s pop culture, science fiction, fantasy, comics, and toys. He had solo show in Shanghai and has been part of group shows in Tokyo, Paris, London and others.

1. Humblys Believe

Photo: The Podium

Jesse Camacho (1995, Philippines) is a young contemporary pop artist who uses fairy tales and fantastical subjects to represent his personal stories and reflect cultural life through different representations of folklores. As a pop surrealist, he likes to create stories. He aims to bring his audience into his own fairy tale, and believes that everyone has his/her own fairy tale which serves as their refuge.

Naburok and her “Tapestry of Fate” is brought to life through a series of interconnected paintings that depict the mystical and vibrant threads of destiny, weaving together the lives of diverse individuals. Each painting tells a story, capturing moments of chance encounters, shared destinies, and the powerful impact of an individual on another.

7. Naburoks Tapestry of Faith

Photo: The Podium

Bringing together art and shopping, The Podium houses two prominent art galleries – Art Lounge Manila at the Ground Level and Galerie Joaquin at Level 3, featuring a mélange of works from great talented artists, engulfing art enthusiasts and shoppers in a delightful sensory experience.

In partnership with the University of Santo Tomas (UST) Atelier Association Inc., Art Lounge Manila will host “Vision: Compendio,” its largest exhibit, from August 18 to August 30. It will feature over 100 artworks from great artists who graduated from UST, such as Benjie Torrado Cabrera, CJ Tanedo, Joe Datuin, and Ramon Orlina.

Galerie Joaquin hosts “Whimsical Journey,” the much-awaited solo exhibit of Darwin Guevarra, also known as “Japat” to many, from August 17 to August 28. Guevarra’s symphony of paintings and sculptures of carts, cars, and Vespas mirrors urban living while retaining the playfulness and charm of his earlier series filled with machinery and tarnish objects.

By seamlessly incorporating art, design, and culture into the shopping experience, The Podium takes the modern retail landscape to a new level. Discover retail therapy at its finest, shop, and celebrate “Art All Around” at The Podium located at ADB Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City. Follow @thepodiummall on Instagram, and The Podium on Facebook for more updates.