Europeanne Aesthetics: Look Beautiful Even Without Makeup

Makeup is a great enhancer for one’s features and appearance. Many girls allot time to have their faces made up with the perfect eye shadow, mascara, and lip crayon. While some rely on makeup to conceal their blemishes and dark circles or to achieve a rosy look, others prefer to stay away from the chemicals and go bare. I prefer the latter.

But, you know, in my line of work, makeup is unavoidable. Since there are instances when I need to appear on TV to host a program, I have no choice but to use it. To tell you honestly, though, it can get tiring. Plus, you have to allocate a budget for it and replenish the products within six months time because they have expiration dates, as well.

So to cut all the hassle and save some bucks, I decide to go bare on days I don’t have to host a show. How can we still look presentable and fresh without the use of makeup, though? The perfect answer is: good skincare.

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The Europeanne Aesthetics branch in Makati

Europeanne Aesthetics is an aesthetics clinic established, operated and managed by specialized doctors with years of training in well-known hospitals in Manila and Belgium. It specializes in Europeanne standard skincare, slimming and firming, making use of only safe and effective skincare solutions. Their in-house product is called Nannic, a Europeanne brand certified by the Europeanne Union. Europeanne Aesthetics also utilizes Nannic machines which are made in Belgium and Germany.

During my visit to the clinic, I tried their Radio Frequency (RF) treatment and I liked the overall experience. Here’s why:

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The RF machine used by Europeanne Aesthetics

As stated above, the Nannic devices used by Europeanne Aesthetics are made in Germany and Belgium. Dr. Dorris Velasco says the machines they use in the clinic are guaranteed safe. Placing utmost concern on their clients’ welfare, Dr. Velasco reiterates their clinic only makes use of reliable, effective, and safe devices.

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The RF procedure

The RF procedure begins with cleansing followed by the use of the clinic’s RF device. A serum will then be spread onto your face for the procedure.

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What I liked about the whole procedure was that I knew I could depend on the machine that the clinic makes use of. Dr. Dorris Velasco assures that the RF device protects the optic nerves and other vital organs. Europeanne Aesthetics is also the only beauty center in the Philippines to offer various active serums, depending on the needs of the client.

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The masking and unmasking of Europeanne Aesthetic’s special facial mask

I liked the masking part, too. After the RF procedure, Ms. Dhey put on this special facial mask all over my face, leaving only my nostrils open. It was very refreshing, I could feel its coolness spread all over my face. It was left there for a while to harden, and when it did, it was peeled off. It felt like jelly, and the peeling was easy and smooth, non-harsh, and non-irritable.

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Europeanne Aesthetics is proud to shelter the Nannic devices and products because of its guaranteed safe features. They are also the only beauty center in the Philippines to offer these high-quality products. I tried their Papaya soap and Willow Bark and my face is much clearer now.

The overall experience was very satisfying. After the RF procedure, my skin felt so soft and smooth that I always had the urge to touch it. Of course I have to refrain from doing so, though, since it would be an unhygienic practice. My face felt light and I felt better and more confident, too.

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With Dr. Dorris Velasco of Europeanne Aesthetics

It is true that no makeup can replace healthy, smooth, and clear skin. If you think you need to spend a lot on makeup just to look charming, think twice. It is always better to flaunt and be confident in the skin you’re in without the extra chemicals. As the saying goes, “less is more.”

Europeanne Aesthetics

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