ETCETERA Phils. 100% Handmade Products!


ETCETERA Phils. 100% handmade products!

When in Manila and looking for trendy stuff to buy online, check out the 100% handmade products of Etcetera Phils!

I love shopping for accessories online! From earrings, to bracelets, to necklaces, to rings, and watches, name it and I have it!  My love for online shopping led me to ETCETERA Phils. And man, I just have to have one!



What I like about them is that they are very unique in their own way because they think of their own patterns, their own style, and their own genre. I believe that they are trendsetters and that they’re one of a kind. Uniqueness, individuality and rareness is what everyone is after right? However, quality is something that few can give, few can promise and few can deliver, and that is what I believe ETCETERA Phils. is all about, the quality art that they give their customers.  








ETCETERA Phils. is proud to say that their product are all 100% handmade, it’s not just a product that lets you be unique but it’s a product that gives you an extra ordinary work of art. It’s a work of art that shouts who you are.


When in Manila,  you got to have ETCETERA Phils. accessories and shoes! ETCETERA Phils. wants to embody and symbolize you, because it’s you that’s important.  I’m this boyish girl with a kick of girly things and ETCETERA Phils. really brought that out with the products that I got from them.









*** You can follow them on Twitter at @EtceteraPhils

*** You can follow the on Instagram @etce_tera

*** For complete designs and styles that they offer like their Facebook  HERE!

*** For orders call or text them at 0917-8391035 and 0925-7060812


ETCETERA Phils. 100% handmade products!


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