Erwan Tricked Anne Curtis Into Eating Nuclear “3.5x” Spicy Noodle Challenge!

Of course, you’ve heard about the Samyang Nuclear Spicy Korean Noodle Challenge. Practically every vlogger has done it, and chances are you have as well, right in your very home!

If you recall, Erwan Heussaff, together with sister Solenn and her husband Nico Bolzico just did the 2x nuclear spicy Korean noodle challenge, which ensued in hilarity. Now, however, it’s actress and wife Anne Curtis who’s up for the challenge — only this time, she’s having it extra spicy!

At the beginning of his vlog, Erwan shared that he and Anne recently had a little argument, where the actress “for once, admitted she was wrong”. As her “punishment”, Erwan had his superstar wife do the nuclear spicy Korean noodle challenge. But what Anne doesn’t know is that Erwan added an extra pack, amping up the 2x spicy level to roughly a 3.5!

Later in the video, though, Erwan admitted to his wife that he increased the spiciness after she asked for butter and water to ease the tingle in her mouth.

Watch the video above.

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