Erik Matti to make film about Mother Lily Monteverde

Director Erik Matti (Kuwaresma, BuyBust) is set to take on his next film project—a biopic on Regal Films producer, Mother Lily Monteverde.

Matti announced the project on his Facebook account and revealed that he will be working on it with Reality Entertainment producer Dondon Monteverde.

“Dondon Monteverde and I have been courting Mother Lily about this project for quite a few years now,” Matti said in the post. “We’ve gathered so much research about this over the years by just being with Mother at parties, dinners and parties and dinners. But there’s still so much to mine from this story.”

“It is epic and very personal. If this will be the only film I will make about movies then we’d better bring everything on this one,” he added.

Matti also shared that he will be doing a series of interviews with Mother Lily and those who have known and worked with her through the years—directors, designers, actors, managers, staff people and more.

The film will be written by Moira Lang and Mich Yama. It will be titled The Mother Lily Story.

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Mother Lily’s daughter Roselle also shared her thoughts on the upcoming film on the official Regal Films Facebook.

“Finally, we are at the works of doing a milestone movie with Erik Matti and his team. I am more than excited but passionate as well because it is the story of my mom and the mother of a lot in the Philippine entertainment industry. This is the story of “Mother Lily” to everyone that knows her and who has been part of her journey!”

Mother Lily has been producing movies since she established Regal Films in the 1960s. She has helped bring 300 films to life, including the Mano Po series, Shake, Rattle, & Roll series, and award-winning film Die Beautiful.

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