Eric Menk keeping busy with his ‘Staying Major’ podcast

eric menk podcast staying major

Photo by JC Ansis


PBA champion and former MVP Eric Menk isn’t playing anymore but he’s busy nowadays with his new podcast, Staying Major.

It’s a basketball podcast where he guests current and former players, coaches and media personalities. I had a chance to sit down with Menk and ask him a few questions on his podcast.

How did you come up with this idea?

I started listening to podcasts six years ago. It’s something I always wanted to do. I was really big into sports radio (back then). They basically took sports radio and made them into TV shows. Now you got First Take, Mike & Mike, Undisputed. I remember when Satellite Radio came out, I was thinking maybe someone can get me on it. Then podcasts came along.

Were you always a fan of podcasts?

It really changed my life to be honest with you. Anything I wanted to learn about I could type it in and search for it. I started listening to podcasts in 2010. At that time what I wanted to learn about was my diet and nutrition. I started listening to podcasts on health and nutrition. I started listening sports podcasts — Bill Simmons, Joe Rogen’s experience which I still listen to right now. I started getting healthier, applying what I was hearing. I was able to play until I was 42. I really enjoyed some of the sports podcasts.

What have been yout takeaway from this so far?

Learning everything and the preparation was way more than I thought it would be. And getting over listening to your own voice. I’m so critical of every little ‘uhmm’ or ‘uuhhh’ or just the sound of my voice, I just can’t stand it.

Any particular guests you’d like to have in the future?

I’d like to have the PBA commissioner on, I’d like to have Alfrancis Chua on. I’m hoping to have Allan Caidic. And NBA players are always coming over here. I don’t quite know who contacts them but if I can get them on my podcast, whether live or a Skype call, that would be huge.


You can check some of the episodes he’s done here.

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