Environmental NGOs call for a TOTAL BAN on waste imports

Environmental NGOs Greenpeace and Ecowaste Coalition call on the Duterte administration to address the “injustice to Filipino communities by ratifying the Basel Ban Amendment” and enforce a total ban on waste imports.

This comes after another shipment of waste from other countries was reportedly intercepted at Subic Bay International Terminal Corp last Wednesday. The containers of mixed waste that consist of plastic packaging and used face masks were from the United States. According to Greenpeace Philippines, this “only shows how richer countries continue to prey on the Philippines’ loose regulations on waste importation.”

Ang Pilipinas ay hindi tambakan ng basura,” they both wrote in their posts.

[The Philippines is not a garbage dump.]



“To put an end to foreign waste dumping, the government must see to it that these twin legal measures are acted upon without further delay. The ratification of the Basel Convention Ban Amendment and a total ban on waste importation will send a strong message that the Philippines is not a dumping ground and that rich countries must take full responsibility for managing their waste instead of exporting them to other countries,” – Aileen Lucero, National Coordinator, EcoWaste Coalition.

Read their full statement here.

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